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International mail, it is the selection of best of the foreign press, translated into French. The contents of the newspaper and its website come of more than 1,500 sources of the whole world: American monthly magazine Wired with the Chinese daily newspaper Huanqiu Shibao via pure the player Lebanese Raseef22. That they are sites, newspapers, blogs, with daily temporality, weekly or monthly, international Mail selects subjects political, economic, sociétaux but such cultural, while remaining with the mounting of the new trends.

Rate non negotiated
17 900 EUR
1 063 000 (One 2015-2016)
Family press
News, Eco
France, Switzerland
179 572 (ACPM 2015-2016)
25-34, 50-64, 18-24, 35-49
Women, Men
Social class
Upper middle class, AB+
Reader's interests
News, Jobs & Careers, Politics, Finance, Economy , General and Cultural Information, Society

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