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Magazine presentation The Good Life

"The first hybrid male magazine: Business & Lifestyle. The Good Life issue is… →350 →80 pages on over 100 subjects →5 month of preparation →60 journalists, photographers and illustrators →30 are abroad →10 long-distance flights Audience: 90% men 56% of AB+ 56% 30 years and + (median age: 34 years) 86% of active 54% have an individual income monthly net income of + of 3000€ (of which 25% + 4500€) 73% consider publicity as information 80% collect our magazines"

Family press
Lifestyle, Men
25-34, 35-49
Social class
Upper middle class, AB+
Reader's interests
Economy , Men

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Thought around the concept of hybridity, conceived like the idea to mix two things a priori distant to draw the best from each one of them, The Good Life intends to carry out the opposite way of that initiated by the news by integrating lifestyle in their traditional contents (news, economy).

The Good Life, magazine male which does not resemble any other, mixes total economic culture and lifestyle on an original and very modern tone. This new masculine, true glance on the international one, is articulated around the centers of interests of men (mode, travel, design, comic).

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