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“Tennis Magazine, French monthly magazine of reference on tennis since 1976. You will find contents – texts, photographs, and which knows what future books us – which will be the reflection of our passion for tennis, of our rich and durable relations with all the actors of this sport, our expert testimony, our commitments, and our concern of sharing the happiness of this game with you. This magazine is addressed to all those which, once in their life, or the every day and for a long time, was sellotaped by a match of anthology in front of their screen, was transported by the sight of a player in a stage, or adored to type the ball with friends on a sunny ground.”

Rate non negotiated
6 000 EUR
Family press
21 672 (ACPM 2016-2017)
35-49, 25-34, 50-64
Men, Women
Social class
AB+, Upper middle class
Reader's interests
Sport, Tennis

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