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"Starting off as the first male Chinese fashion magazine since 1997, men’s uno has been pioneering and bringing the chic-est trend and fashion styles to our readers. Men’s uno publishes on every 1st of a month in Taïwan, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. Being one the leading male magazines in Asia-Pacific, men’s uno achieves the top 3 sales since their release in all regions. There is a broad range of contents for the prestigious readers fashion, watch, wine, automobile, gadgets, sports, grooming, travel, accessories, movie, lifestyle and interviews of local and global celebrities. Other than the loyal readership from our printed magazine, men’s proudly owns a comprehensive multimedia digital platform accross 4 regions, which allow our active fans intercat and have a glimpse of the latest ne

Rate non negotiated
72 800 HKD $
Family press
Men, Lifestyle, People
36 000 (éditeur)
35-49, 25-34
Social class
AB+, Upper middle class, Students, Employees
Reader's interests
Fashion, Shopping, People

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