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Hong Kong’s Number One English-Language Newspaper Since 1903, the South China Morning Post has been the gold standard of news publishing in the region, and has continued to build this reputation around the world. The South China Morning Post is still going strong after more than a century. Our credibility is founded on years of award-winning, world-class journalism, plus our deep understanding and interpretation of the issues locally, regionally and internationally. We deliver insights and expose important issues, earning us a reputation as the regional authority on current affairs. Proven to be the most influential paper for elite business readers in Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post continues to maintain its widely respected position as the most important voice for reaching disc

Rate non negotiated
105 462 HKD $
335 000 (éditeur)
Family press
News, Regional Press, Daily National Newspaper
105 347 (éditeur)
25-34, 50-64, 35-49
Men, Women
Social class
AB+, Employees, Upper middle class
Reader's interests
Economy , business, News, Finance

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