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Hong Kong Economic Times, is a financial daily newspaper in Hong Kong. It adheres to the editorial principle of reporting and writing in a professional writing style, mainly focusing on finance, main news, social and mainland China news, commerce & trade, property, executive & market, together with entertainment, columns and leisure.

In order to have first-hand news reports on China’s political and economic issues, a reporter station is set up in Beijing. HKET's major readers are businessmen, executives, investors and professionals, middle class etc. HKET is one of local newspapers mostly subscribed by secondary schools’ students.

Family press
Chinese - Traditional Chinese
35-49, 50-64
Men, Women
Social class
Upper middle class, AB+, Retirees +, Lower middle class, Students
Reader's interests
News, Politics, business, Economy , Finance

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Hong Kong Economic Times was founded by Lawrence S P Fung in 1988 and published by Hong Kong Economic Times Holding Group. In almost 15 years the group has grown considerably and manages today news agency, financial agency and real estate agency as well as business consulting companies.

Hong Kong Economic Times Holding has now a strong client base enabling brands to advertise on Hong Kong Economic Times with visible and strategic advertising space.

98% of readers say they read Hong Kong Economic Times almost every day. Nearly 61% of readers are between 30 and 49 years old (the average age is 41), 56% have a higher education degree and 82% are managers, executives or members of senior management in their companies. Also average income per household of readers is about HKD 98,583. An high purchasing power audience allowing brands to stand out among this high-income population when advertising on Hong Kong Economic Times.

Hong Kong Economic Times is Hong Kong's leading business newspaper, aims to provide readers keys about financial markets and latest economic news. It highlights latest financial and economic news. Advertisers wishing to advertise on Hong Kong Economic Times can choose specifics contexts and spaces closely related to their industry or message they wish to convey.

Advertisers can also choose to advertise on Hong Kong Economic Times in digital (on hket.com): newspaper's internet platform. As print edition: it provides professional analysis on financial and property markets as well as on macroeconomics. The newspaper is also available on a digital version, allowing subscribers to access archives contents (like old newspaper’s issue) whenever they wish.

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