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Society’s luxury authority. Prestige is the ultimate in luxury reading for a discerning high net worth, affluent audience who continually seek out the best life has to offer. Packed with useful, relevant stories that enriches, informs and entertains.

Prestige presents a feast of intelligent reads on subjects such as Hong Kong local society, business titans, international news, entertainment, fashion, watch and jewelry, travel, culture and the arts. Our world exclusive interviews with movie stars, celebrities and the worlds movers and shakers are not only talked about, but make the news. Reaching out to local and international audiences Prestige also features exclusive content online.

Family press
Lifestyle, Travel, Car, Food, Men, Culture, Women
25-34, 35-49
Men, Women
Social class
Upper middle class
Reader's interests
Luxury, Culture, Finance, Home design & Decoration, Watches, Wines & Spirits, business, Cars & Motorcycles, Beauty, Piece of Art - Antiques - Collections - Bric-a-brac shops, Yachting, Women, Travels, Fashion, Shopping, Art, Cutlure and Shows, Jewelry

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Prestige Hong Kong is Hong Kong's leading luxury and society magazine. It covers a wide range of topics, giving to a lot of brands advertising on Prestige Hong Kong to appear in a relevant way. Prestige Hong Kong covers fashion, culture, travel and celebrities. 

The magazine approach these topics through interviews and portraits of celebrities: film stars or leaders in specific fields to provide readers adapted content in line with current trends.

Print audience of Prestige Hong Kong is about 167,500 readers and its circulation is about 33,500 copies. Title’s distribution enables brands advertising in Prestige Hong Kong to reach a qualified audience given exclusive distribution channels chosen by. Indeed, 37% of copies are distributed in Hong Kong hotels, private jets, VIP club lounges, private banks, ... 24% are distributed to a VIP customer’s database, 24% are distributed in Macau in hotels, restaurants and outlet stores. Finally, the remaining 15% are available in kiosks and bookshops.

Prestige Hong Kong magazine defines its readers as innovators, sophisticated people generally looking for luxury and good living. They are also seasoned professionals, 58% of readers are in senior management (they are CEOs, executives, chairmen, investors...). A key premium audience for brands advertising in Prestige Hong Kong. Indeed, readers of this title are regular spenders on luxury products: 85% regularly spend on fashion, 74% regularly spend on luxury watches, 65% regularly spend on luxury jewellery, 61% regularly spend on luxury cars...

Prestige Hong Kong's digital spaces also perform on this privileged target. Its newsletter is also a strong opportunity to emerge among this target group with advertising on Prestige Hong Kong. Indeed, it has nearly 22,000 subscribers and an above-average opening rate of 28%.

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