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Le Journal du Running is the free monthly supplement distributed with the newspaper L'Equipe.  Since 2004, the magazine has been at the heart of men's sports passions according to trends.

The magazine deals with running news (events, portraits, interviews), practice (advice, preparations, materials) and the lifestyle associated with this universe. A magazine that will statisfed the people who are entusiastic about competition and personal practice as well. 

Leader in its category, the title is distributed in trade fairs, and also on race starts. The readership is made up of young men, cultivated, urban and wealthy. They are particularly interested in High-Tech, their well-being, the automobile and fashion.

Family press
Sport, Men, Health, Lifestyle
25-34, 35-49
Social class
Urbain, AB+
Reader's interests
Watches, Cars & Motorcycles, Fashion, Mountain Sports, Travels, Men, Sport, Wines & Spirits

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