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Time Out Vietnam is a must have magazine for luxury living and travel in Vietnam. Published every month with 40 000 copies, the magazine provide a comprehensive coverage of luxury living, travel trend and tourism developments in Vietnam, but also deals with hi-end fashion, luxury auto, world-class golf etc. It keeps you up with monthly reviews of the finest restaurants, hotels, spas in Vietnam as well.

Time Out is also available online, with a convenient and friendly website, with a lot of sections such as : travel, hotels & restaurant, entertainment or lifestyle.

Family press
Travel, Lifestyle
35-49, 25-34, 50-64
Men, Women
Social class
Lower middle class, AB+, Upper middle class, Retirees +
Reader's interests
Travels, Watches, Golf, Wines & Spirits, Luxury, Gastronomy, Cars & Motorcycles, Shopping, Tourism, Cutlure and Shows

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Time Out magazine is owned by Time Out Group. An English media and entertainment group that has the objective to bring the best of the country to its readers and customers. First edition of Time Out magazine appeared in London in 1968. This magazine introduced citizens to urban cultures and gave them opportunity to learn more about their city and leisure activities it offers. Time Out Group is now in nearly 58 different countries and 328 cities. An intense development that continues to grow: today the group offers digital platforms and social media spaces to represent its print editions online. High quality digital devices constantly updated to facilitate the use of Internet user.

Time Out Vietnam magazine, as the first edition released in London, is a magazine dealing with luxury lifestyle, travel trends and tourism news in Vietnam. It also covers more specific luxury topics, such as fashion and automobiles. This diversity allows advertisers from a wide range of sectors to advertise on Time Out Vietnam in a relevant way.

Time Out Vietnam is also interested by arts and leisure of all kinds: golf, cooking, spas... In-depth topics by editorial team to offer the best to its readers. Once again, each of these subjects represents a very special opportunity for brands wishing to advertise on Time Out Vietnam magazine.

Time Out Vietnam magazine has a circulation of nearly 40,000 copies per month. The title is intended to be a real moment of relaxation and entertainment for its readers. Advertising on Time Out Vietnam allows to reach an audience in moments of relaxation where reader's attention is the strongest. All articles and reports are based on feedback, expert opinions or portraits of actors (whether in the restaurant, hotel, leisure activities ...) providing readers qualified and relevant content.

Advertising on Time Out Vietnam magazine is a real advantage for companies wishing to develop their business, as well as for new companies wishing to be known by Vietnam’s local population.

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