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For over 20 years, Men's Folio has been Singapore's premier men's magazine providing definitive coverage of fashion, style, and culture. With a regional reach encompassing Malaysia and Indonesia, the magazine's impactful shoots and features from a stable of award-winning writers makes it a style bible. Men's Folio reaches an influential and affluent audience. The definite platform for all fashion and luxury brands looking at reaching opinion leaders and discerning consumers.

10 issues per year, a controlled circulation to luxury fashion brands, select credit card members and lifestyle partners. Strong presence at major bookstores and newsstands.

Family press
Men, Lifestyle
25-34, 35-49
Social class
Upper middle class, AB+
Reader's interests
Watches, Cars & Motorcycles, Men, Luxury, Travels, Jewelry, Fashion, Yachting

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Men's Folio is a magazine owned by Heart Media Group, a powerful group in Singapore in media’s sector. The group is mainly active in press and events media. It is aimed at high social classes through all its devices. Its goal is to be the undisputed reference group on a privileged target in Asia Pacific.

Men's Folio is a fashion magazine, whether it's about clothing fashion or watches fashion. Men’s Folio magazine also covers lifestyle topics such as travel, cosmetic product selections, or provide automotive tips and advice.

The magazine has a circulation of 36,000 copies and is published 10 times a year. Men’s Folio magazine offers sophisticated content and high-impact visuals for an increasingly demanding target, enabling brands advertising in Men's Folio magazine to associate themselves with a determined press and a press attentive to its readership.

Men's Folio’s audience is mostly a men’s audience, 86% are men readers. Mostly young, with 61% of readers under 35 years of age. They also belong to a privileged social class, 79% of readers have an annual income of more than $48,000 (Singapore dollar). Concerning professional category: 19% are businessmen and 38% are executives. Appear in advertising on Men's Folio magazine allows brands to stand out among a men’s target interested in fashion and with high purchasing power.

On the other hand Men's Folio is a real magazine of influence for its readership since 82% of readers buy a product published in an issue of the magazine, adding thus value and weight to ads in Men's Folio.

Advertising in Men's Folio digital magazine is also a powerful lever for brands wishing to stand out and highlight their latest collection, novelties, values and dynamic and elegant positioning.

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