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Launched in 1994, the Singapore edition of CLEO is for the twenty-something Asian woman. CLEO uploads a new video every week to Youtube, on everything from mascara to men.

The CLEO girl reader is smart, savvy, stylish and on the cutting edge of trends. She has a unique Singaporean mindset, but she is also a global citizen.In the midst of figuring out her unique personal brand, she’s willing to try new things in all areas of her life, but is also beginning to create brand alliances that stay with her for decades to come. 

More than just a glossy magazine, CLEO creates content that inspires, entertains and informs across all platforms, with a total reach of more than 850 000 people.

Family press
Lifestyle, Women, Youth
Social class
AB+, Upper middle class, Students, Lower middle class
Reader's interests
Jewelry, Fashion, Teenagers & Students, Beauty

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Cleo Magazine belongs to Singapore Press Holding media group. Singapore Press Holding is one of the most powerful media groups in Singapore. It owns nearly fifteen newspapers and about a hundred magazines. In addition to being a powerful player in press, Singapore Press Holding also owns 5 radio stations and several billboards networks in strategic places in Singapore as well as several high-performance websites in Singapore.

Cleo is a monthly women's magazine established in 1994. It has an important audience (print and digital edition) of 850,000 readers. It offers brands the opportunity to stand out through advertising on Cleo magazine to a young audience, mostly aged between 20 and 30. The magazine’s aim is to become THE life partner for this age group, being the magazine that provides them keys advice for their personal development on themes that affect them: fashion, beauty, wellness... but also for their professional development by dealing with themes related to their career.

Advertising on Cleo magazine in digital is a guarantee of visibility for brands, since it has nearly 1.8 millions views per month and 245,000 unique visitors per month. An undeniable digital power, always presenting sections in line with their readers' hobbies and passions: skincare and make-up, lifestyle, horoscopes...

Advertising on Cleo Magazine allows you to reach a receptive and passionate target. This audience is often defined as people who care about quality of their personal purchases and are always looking for something new.

Advertising on Cleo Magazine’s event is also a possibility for brands. Events bringing participants with a genuine interest in world of beauty and fashion, representing powerful prospects or customers for brands.

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