Adintime: Media buying agency and print trading desk


ADINTIME is a media buying company delivering media solutions at both national and international levels.


■ We built an online platform to buy your print ads with just a few clicks 

 Our agency will help you in your cross media and cross devices media buying


I- Self-service trading desk for print advertising (Print programmatic)

We simplify and digitize print media buying by applying to this media the same buying methods that already exist for online media buying, taking the best of programmatic and  RTB (real time bidding).

That’s how we created, a platform where advertisers can either consult available offers or send their media brief to buy their advertising spaces on print magazines or newspapers in just a few clicks.


II- Media buying offline / online 

We buy for our clients the following media:

Print, web (video, display, RTB, social media), cinema, OOH/Billboards, radio.

What we do:

- Simplify media buying with efficient and transparent methods.

- Always offer the best value for every media budget.


ADINTIME relies on a team of media experts who will come up with communication solutions at both national and international levels.

ADINTIME - Co-Founder & CEO