Adintime: Media buying agency and print trading desk


ADINTIME is a media buying company delivering media solutions at both national and international levels.

■ We built an online platform to buy your print ads with just a few clicks 

 Our agency will help you in your cross media and cross devices media buying



At a time when advertising transactions for traditional media are becoming automatic, many are left wondering what the next step is, and how to take it.

Among editors, none has forgotten the arrival of RTB almost ten years ago which profoundly disrupted the press ecosystem. It lead to significant revenue loss due to an opaque disintermediation and the collapse of online advertising’smarket value.


Many editors have lost control over the price and placement of inventories soldduring transactions. The current picture has improved but no one wants to relive this experience with paper inventories, which still make up over 70% of advertising revenue generated for most press groups.

It is within this frame work that the new platform ADINTIME was created, a solution aimed at press publishers who wish to use the power of digital to promote their advertising space in a premium, secure context that seam lessly adapts to each publication.

Featuring your media on ADINTIME means extra digital visibility, allowing you to reach local, national and international advertisers. ADINTIME is an additional online sales channel that is also commission free,

We offer the guarantee that you can approve the quoteyourself and keep control over prices, available spaces and which advertisers come to you.



We buy for our clients the following media:

Print, Digital (video, display, RTB, social media, mobile), cinema, OOH/Billboards, radio and TV.

What we do:

- Simplify media buying with efficient and transparent methods.

- Always offer the best value for every media budget.


ADINTIME relies on a team of media experts who will come up with communication solutions at both national and international levels.

ADINTIME - Co-Founder & CEO