LaserOstop: from a TV test to a high-budget national campaign

LaserOstop is a network of specialized centers in the treatment of smoking addiction. The LaserOstop teams have developed a technology that allows people to stop smoking using an anti-tobacco laser.

Our collaboration in 3 figures


TV advertising campaigns launched in 2021

56 Millions

Number of contacts reached on the target Men-Women 35 - 59 years 


TV spots


Work on your notoriety to boost the appointments booking

Initially, LaserOstop focused on Facebook advertising to boost requests for appointments at its specialized smoking treatment centers.

In 2021, LaserOstop wanted to diversify its advertising and work on its notoriety and did a test on TV advertising.

10 TV campaigns were then launched from July to December 2021 in sponsorship on the programs of the BFMTV and RMC channels.

"After 18 months of growth, we wanted to do TV advertising to develop our brand awareness and boost our appointment booking."

Arsène Atmani

CEO LaserOstop

Our services

Successfully launch their 1st TV campaign

LaserOstop had initially requested a custom media plan recommendation for advice on launching their first TV campaign.

Together we defined the company's needs, communication objectives and budget. Based on all these elements, we set up a strategy that consisted in focusing on sponsored TV advertising. Indeed, this type of advertising allows :

  • to obtain a strong presence
  • to be attached to a program that has an affinity with its target
  • to communicate on TV for budgets of less than 50K€ HT

At Adintime we have identified the best channels and programs to communicate on in order to be powerful and aligned with LaserOstop's marketing target.

"Launching the first wave of advertising on BFM TV allowed us to validate an initial test and to continue this campaign throughout 2021.

1st objective of notoriety: fulfilled!"

Mélina Demeusy

Directrice Département média

Implementation of the TV campaign for LaserOstop

Analysis of LaserOstop's needs

and understand the marketing and commercial issues

Sending TV proposals and associated rates

to budget the TV advertising campaign

Negotiation and bookimg 

advertising space on BFM TV

Launch of the TV campaign

for the sponsorship of JT Sport Week-end and BFM Story

Analysis and assessment of the campaign

then preparation of the second wave

Campaign performance


GRP* brodcast on the targeted audienceMen - Women 35 - 59 years

*GRP ? What does it mean?


GRP cost on the target Men - Women 35 - 59 years old

Average cost of the GRP: 2 000€ HT

69 Millions

Effective contacts Men - Women 35 - 59 years old

361 GRP = 69 million contacts on the target

The good performance of this TV test has allowed us to renew new waves of TV spots in 2022 with the same objectives.