COP1 - Solidarités Étudiantes: a successful first awareness campaign

Cop1 - Solidarités Étudiantes is an independent student association whose mission is to provide assistance to all young people in need. With 600 volunteers, the association distributes about 850 baskets per week.

Our collaboration in 3 figures


posters in 164 Paris metro stations

35 837 836

 Contacts in the 15+ age group


 Coverage rate on the target

The goal

Raising awareness of student precariousness

In December 2021, Cop1 - Solidarités Étudiantes contacted Adintime in order to support its very first communication campaign. Its objective was to launch an action to raise awareness about the precariousness that affects young people and students, especially since the health crisis.

Posters in the metro were one of the media considered by Cop1 - Solidarités Étudiantes, but the association wanted to know all the options available to it.

"Cop1 in the space of 2 years, has gone from an association of young students who wanted to help their friends in trouble to a national association of solidarity by and for young people.

Through this campaign, we wanted to raise awareness among students and the general public about the precariousness that affects young people."

Benjamin Flohic

COP1 - Solidarité Étudiantes' CEO

Our support

Accompany COP1 in the launch of their 1st campaign

Usually, to work on a campaign we need to know the budget range of the advertiser. Here, it's a bit more complicated because Cop1 - Solidarités Étudiantes' status as a student association does not allow us to have this visibility. Indeed, the association works thanks to university subsidies and had no idea of the budget that would be allocated to it for this first campaign.

After several exchanges, we proposed to Cop1 - Solidarités Étudiantes 3 solutions for 3 different budgets for the start of the 2022 school year:

  1. A 5-sided metro offer for 14 800 € HT: 130 faces in Paris grouped in posters of 5.
  2. A classic metro offer for 30 000 € HT: 250 faces in the Parisian corridors.
  3. A metro Paris trio offer for 60 000 € HT : 690 faces grouped by 3.

Cop1 - Solidarités Étudiantes finally succeeded in obtaining a budget of 30 000 € HT and thus opted for the classic metro offer. This is how 250 posters were installed in 164 Parisian stations from September 6 to 12, 2022.

"Despite the many twists and turns in the campaign launch, the results confirmed that the metro is the ideal medium to reach Cop1 - Solidarités Étudiantes' target.

First campaign successful with flying colors!"

Sarah Bryja

Advertising manager

Poster Campaign Implementation P process for COP1

Analysis of COP1's needs

and the challenges of this first campaign

Elaboration of 3 media proposals

and the challenges of this first campaign

Negotiation and purchase 

of advertising space in the Paris metro

Coordination of technical elements, printing

and launch of the campaign

Campaign analysis and assessment

then presentation of the balance sheet

Campaign performance



*This is the average number of times a contact saw the poster campaign

4 885 240

Real contacts in the 15+ group

The good performance of this first campaign confirmed that the metro is the ideal communication medium for COP1.