3 402 900 Inhabitants

125 hab/km²

Do you want to launch an advertising campaign in the major cities of the Brittany region? Rennes, Brest, Quimper... Find out all the formats of advertising posters in Brittany and ask for a quote to find out the prices of advertising panels in this French region.








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Notice board Bretagne

Brittany is a region located in the extreme west of France. It has more than 3,402,000 inhabitants with a density of 125 inhabitants/km2.

The characteristics of the population in the western region:

  • 51.4% of the inhabitants are women
  • 28.3% are under 25 years old
  • 41.5% of the population is in the 25-59 age group
  • 30.2% are 60 and over

Some figures on the Brittany region

In order to better target your advertising, here are the socio-professional categories of the inhabitants of Brittany:

  • 13% are blue collar workers
  • 31% are retired
  • 8% are CSP+

The region of Brittany is characterised by its abundant trees which make up its landscape. The oceanic climate of Brittany attracts a good number of tourists.

This is why advertising on billboards in Brittany is ideal for reaching a large number of people.

Which format of advertising panels to choose in the Brittany region?

To help advertisers run a truly impactful advertising campaign in Brittany, the billboard formats found in the region are as follows:

  • billboards: different formats are available (4m2, 8m2, 12m2) and in several large cities in the region (Rennes, Lorient, Saint-Malo...).
  • the sides and backs of buses: this communication strategy makes it possible to reach many different inhabitants in terms of their professional situation or their age.

The advertising network of bus and tram lines

More than 25 bus lines make up the network in the Brittany region. It is possible to display your advertising posters on the back or on the right and left sides of the buses. Public transport allows you to make your brand known on a large scale. The network also includes 13 TER lines. For more information on the specifics and prices of advertising posters in Brittany, request a quote online.