Rouen is a city in the northwest of France. It is the capital of Normandy and has 111,360 inhabitants. The city's population is young, with 32.7% of Rouen's inhabitants aged between 15 and 29. This Normandy town has 5,209 inhabitants/km², making it the most densely populated in the Greater West. This allows any advertiser to effectively work on its reputation with its large target audience with a network of billboards in Rouen. 

The diversity of billboard formats available in the city: 2m2, 4m2, 8m2, bus, 12m2 and outdoor digital panels, allows you to carry out an impactful advertising campaign whatever your advertising campaign objectives in Rouen.

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Some figures on the city of Rouen

  • 18.6% of Rouen households belong to the CSP+ category
  • 55.5% of the population is active and has a job
  • +40,000 Rouennais work in the trade, transport and other services sectors
  • 66 million euros: the turnover of the port of Rouen

Rouen is an exceptional city that tells the story of France. It is home to some of the country's most famous religious monuments, such as Rouen Cathedral and its 151-metre spire, the highest in France. The city is the administrative capital of the Seine Maritime department. As a result, it receives many visitors, apart from the 140,000 tourists who visit the city every year.

Which format of advertising panels to choose in the city of Rouen?

Communication promises to be effective with advertising in Rouen.

The types of billboards available in the city are as follows:

  • The 2 m² format is ideal for reaching an urban audience, pedestrians and motorists
  • The 4 m² allows you to target the inhabitants of the city and those of the suburban areas
  • The 8 m² is located on the roads on the outskirts of the city and is dedicated to the inhabitants of the inter-municipal agglomeration areas who come to their place of work every day.
  • The 12 m² is dedicated to visitors to the city and people living in the surrounding areas.
  • The digital screen or DOOH easily and dynamically reaches employees in urban areas at the beginning and end of the day, but also during break times.

The advertising network of bus and metro lines

The city's districts are connected by two metro lines linking the northern and southern parts of the city, 34 regular bus lines and 4 TEOR lines serving the north-south and east-west axes of the city with at least 175,000 regular passengers. In addition, a noctambus line links La Pléiade in Mont-Saint-Aignan to Cateliers in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray every night. These bus lines facilitate communication for the advertiser thanks to the advertising posters placed on the back or on the right and left sides of the bus. The duration of the advertising campaigns on the buses is on average 7 days per period. To obtain the specifics and prices of bus advertising, request a quote on our page dedicated to bus advertising in Rouen.