M6 Publicité Group

The M6 Publicité Group is the second-largest advertising agency in France. It includes 13 television channels, 3 radio stations and 30 websites. The Group offers a wide range of advertising solutions to develop its brand, recruit new customers and generate traffic to its website. 

Find out about the advertising inserts and rates on the various TV, radio and web platforms of the M6 Group.






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Your advertisement on one of the M6 group's channels

TV channels of the M6 Group

  • M6
  • W9
  • 6ter
  • Gulli
  • Paris Première
  • Serieclub
  • Téva
  • Tiji
  • Canal J
  • MCM
  • M6 Music
  • MCM Top
  • RFM TV

    How to advertise on the M6 Group TV channels?

      Would you like to run a TV campaign on the M6 Group's TV channels?

      First of all, it is important to follow these steps before launching a TV campaign.

        • What is your communication objective?
        • What is your target audience?
        • When do you want to launch your advertising campaign?
        • Do you want to do a classic campaign or a sponsorship?
        • Have you defined your budget?
        • Do you have all the creative elements?

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