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Media buying can be a burden for most SME'S as they think for the following reasons :

  • Too expensive
  • Too many media to choose from
  • No time to handle it

We decided to put together a solution and a tool to address these issues.

Save time and energy

We simplify every step of they way for you: search for advertising space, negotiation, campaign launch, assessment... Everything is centralized in our platform and a media expert answers all your questions via our chat or through visio.

Save money

We negotiate on your behalf to get you the best rates. We work with all major advertising agencies in France (BFMTV, Ouest France, Clear Channel, JC Decaux…) and we know well how to work best with them.

Advertise on the right media

We help you to choose the right media to advertise on. Analyzing your targets and objectives, and thanks to our strong media expertise, we will be able to guide you towards media which fit the most with your marketing and sales goals. 

Our values


Today, we're used to getting information right away. Unfortunately, in the media buying market (and especially in traditional media) this is clearly not possible as it stands – we are working to improve the industry. So until we can provide you with a solution, we make it a point to call you back within 24 hours and work on your media plan right away. 


As we work with companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations, we are used to working with “first-time advertisers”. It is therefore very important for us, but also for the success of your advertising campaign, to explain to you how to choose one or more media in line with your marketing and sales objectives. The satisfaction of our customers is also essential to us.

So if you tell us you want to boost your websit traffic with a print ad page, we will explain why it is not the best media to achieve that goal. We also check with you if your website is “fit” to receive paid traffic because an efficient website will be a minimim requirement to generate conversion!

We also give you a lot of useful tips on TikTok and YouTube. (French only for now!)


We stick with you all the way!

As soon as the campaign is signed, an entire team from sales to our technical departement follows your campaign and ensures that the service is delivered as planned.


As you may have understood, Adintime offers a unique platform on the media buying market because we are committed to optimizing, simplifying and digitizing this market, which is still a little too “old school” for our taste. 

To make this happen, we have created a multimedia platform on which you can: 

  • Centralize all your quote requests and estimated rates
  • Track your advertising campaigns
  • Chat instantly with a media expert

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