"ADINTIME" is a trademark registered at the French Patent and Trademark Office (INPI) under the number 4131906.

The company Adintime (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "ADINTIME") is a simplified joint stock company, whose registered office is located at 10 Rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris, with a share capital of 17,285 euros, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 808 943 583. 

The Company's business is the concession of advertising and the marketing of advertising spot in all its forms. 

The hreby General Terms and Conditions of Use define the legal framework for your use of the Adintime Service offered by the company of the same name.

By contracting with the Company, you accept without reservation these General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms"). You therefore state and acknowledge that you have read these Terms.

The Website is published by the Company. It is hosted by OVH.                                                                             

Mr. Erick Gommeaux is the Director of Publication of the website.

The present General Conditions are applicable during the whole period of use of the Service. In addition, you are informed that the present General Conditions may be updated at any time.

Indeed, the Company reserves the right to modify, at any time, the content of the functionalities and the offers proposed on its Website.

It is possible to contact the Company at the address indicated at the head of the present document, or by e-mail at and by telephone at +33 1 83 79 83 06.


Article 1. Definition

In the Terms, the words or expressions beginning with a capital letter have the following meaning :

  • Advertiser: means any natural person, legal entity, agency offering to purchase advertising space on its own behalf or on behalf of its clients;
  • Media: refers to all legal entities, companies or agencies proposing to sell advertising space;
  • Campaign: means the advertising space purchase operation agreed between the Advertiser and ADINTIME by quotation;
  • The User or You: any person who uses the platform or all or part of the services offered by it; 
  • Intellectual Property Rights: means all the rights of literary and artistic property (copyright and neighboring rights), industrial property (trademark, design and model and patent) provided in the French Intellectual Property Code and International Treaties;
  • Personal Space/Account: refers to the virtual space allocated to Advertiser Users. This space is accessible by entering your login and password;
  • Service: refers to all the functionalities accessible directly on the website; 
  • Advertising Spots: refers to all of the ADINTIME partner media referenced on the Website, including but not limited to press, billboards, digital billboards, event-based billboards, digital (display), social media and mobile applications;
  • Website: means all the elements structuring the Website accessible at the link as well as all the content created, including but not limited to: the graphic charter, frames, banners, flash and video animations, source code, html code and programming. 


Article 2. Purpose and Scope of Application

ADINTIME is a platform of connection between Advertisers and Media allowing the Users to buy and sell directly via the platform Advertising Spots.

The Company operates the Website allowing Advertisers, according to their needs, to buy advertising spots in France and abroad.

Before any final validation, the Advertiser may access the summary of his order at any time. The order summary shows the list of selectedand includes any additional costs such as the amounts of additional services offered by the Company. The Advertiser has the possibility of modifying his order and correcting any errors before proceeding with the final validation of his order.

The Advertiser shall, before any final validation of his order, read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The Company also offers Advertisers a personalized search service on a selection of media in France and abroad. Browsing the Website is entirely free of charge for Advertisers and does not require any commitment in the form of a subscription.

ADINTIME also offers access to the Media wishing to increase their visibility to Advertisers. The Services offered by the Company to the Media will be directly accessible on the website. The Media will thus be able to access the referencing Service set up by the Company under the conditions of the present Terms.

In order to benefit from all the functionalities developed by the Company, the Media must subscribe to a plan according to the conditions of the present Terms.

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale of ADINTIME are accessible by clicking on the following link:

By using the Website, You declare to accept without reservation the present General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms"). You therefore state and acknowledge that you have read and understood the provisions of these Terms.

The present Terms are available at any time by clicking on a direct link located at the bottom of each page of the Website. The present Terms define the legal framework of the use of the Website by You and the relations that can be established between ADINTIME and You. These Terms also contain information about the rights of the Advertisers and the Media and the restrictions imposed on these rights.


Article 3. Entry Into Force – Duration

These Terms are applicable during the entire time of your navigation and access to the Website and for the entire time of use of the Website.

The Company reserves the right to modify the present Terms at any time. Any modification will take effect as of their publication. You agree to be notified of updated Terms by posting them on the Website.

By continuing to use or accessing the Website after the effective date of the updated Terms You recognize that You have read the updates and agree to all modifications made to them. The present Terms govern any disputes that may arise before the effective date of the updated Terms.

The latest version of the Terms available online on the Website will prevail, if necessary, over any other version of these Terms.


Article 4. Prior Information

This Website may contain hyperlinks to third-party features or websites or third-party applications. Images and comments on the Website may also include links to third-party applications. The Website also includes third-party content that the Company does not control, manage or endorse.

The Website's features may allow interactions between the Website and a Third Party Application, including the connection, via mobile applications, of the Website or your account on the Website to a Third Party Application. The Website may also include a feature that allows You to share content from the Website or its content with a third party. This content may be published on the Website or application of the third party.

The Company has no control over third-party websites and their content, and therefore cannot be held responsible for such third-party features or websites.

Any correspondence or business dealings with third parties found through the Website are solely between You and the third parties.

You may choose to use an application that connects the Website or its account on the Website to a third party application. In this case, the third party application may interact with, connect to, collect information from, or deposit data into your account on the Website.

By using such third party applications, You acknowledge and agree to the following:

(i)       if You use a third-party application to share information, You consent to the sharing of data about Your account on the Website;

(ii)      Your use of a third-party application may result in the disclosure of personally identifiable information or information associating You with the third-party application, even if the Company has not provided such information itself;

(iii)     Your use of Third Party Applications is at Your own discretion and risk, and You release Company from liability for any problems that arise from activities related to third party applications.


Article 5. Creation of a Personal Space

Browsing the Website and accessing the information published on it is free and does not require any registration on the Website. However, in order to access all the features of the Website, the Advertiser must create a Personal Space. 

Each time the Website is used, the Advertiser must systematically enter his login and password, which he must keep secret. These identifiers and passwords are non-transferable and strictly for personal use. The Advertiser shall ensure that they are not used or likely to be used by third parties. In this respect, the Advertiser undertakes to keep the various elements making up the identifiers separate.

By creating this account, Advertiser warrants that it will protect its account information and will be fully responsible for any use of its account by itself or by a third party.

To definitively validate his account, the Advertiser must provide the following information via his Personal Space:

  • first and last name;
  • e-mail address;
  • company;
  • password;
  • choice of a free or paying plan. 

He may also enter the following optional information in his Personal Space: 

  • company name;
  • address of the headquarter;
  • siret number;
  • telephone number;
  • VAT number.

Once the Personal Space has been definitively validated, the Advertiser will receive a confirmation e-mail containing his login and password. The Advertiser will then be able to access the functionalities of his Account. The Company reserves the right to verify the information provided before definitively validating a Personal Space.

In the event of non-compliance with any of the provisions of these Terms, the Company reserves the right to modify or terminate access to the Website, at any time, without notice and without liability to the Advertiser. In this case, the content published by the Advertiser and its information will no longer be accessible.

The Users have the right to oppose, access, rectify and delete their personal data, as well as the right to oppose for legitimate reasons, which they can exercise under the conditions provided for by law by sending an email to the Company at, specifying their surname, first name, email address and, if applicable, company name and registration number.

By providing the information necessary to create a Personal Space, and by contracting with ADINTIME in general, the User agrees to the following:

  • He must be able to provide all necessary documents to establish his identity.


Article 6. Description and Operation of the Services offered to Advertisers

Any User may access all of the following features:

  • consult the blog ;
  • consult the product sheets.

The free plan without subscription allows to :

  • use the price simulator for each product on the product sheets equipped with the functionality within the limit of one simulation per day on the entire Website; 
  • make a request for a quote;
  • access his Account and find the information related to his activity on ADINTIME (history of simulations, quote requests, campaign follow-up, invoices and campaign receipts);
  • benefit from standard ADINTIME fees: 15% on the media buying budget.

The paying access with subscription allows you to :

  • use a price simulator for each product on the product sheets equipped with the functionality unlimitedly; 
  • make an unlimited number of quote requests;
  • be followed throughout the subscription by an account manager;
  • access last minute opportunities when they are online;
  • obtain customized media recommendations;
  • access to your account and find information related to your activity on Adintime (history of simulations, quote requests, campaign follow-up, invoices and campaign receipts)
  • benefit from reduced fees: 10% on the media buying budget.

The scope, fees, and operation of these features for logged-in access can be found on the ADINTIME website at   

It is recommended to regularly consult the ADINTIME website to know the evolution of the packages.

6.1 Access to the Search Form

The Advertiser can directly access it by typing the Advertising Spot of his choice on the search bar dedicated to this purpose. The Company, through its Website, also offers the Advertiser to fill in a survey to find the according to the selected criteria.

In this respect, the proper functioning of the ADINTIME Service is conditional on the effective completion of the survey. This step is an essential prerequisite enabling the Advertiser to access the Website's features. The information requested in the survey is therefore essential and allows you to access the Advertising Spots that meet the most selected criteria.

In the event of omission of one or more information and/or the entry of inaccurate information, the Company declines all responsibility, whatever its nature and basis. The Advertiser also acknowledges that he has no liability claims against the Company, regardless of the basis for such claims.

6.2 Obtaining Quotes, Negotiating and Entering into the contract

Once the Advertising Spot has been selected, the Advertiser may request a quote directly through the Website. 

A member of the Company will contact the Advertiser, by phone or email, in order to find out their needs. 

Following this contact, the Company's team will study the Advertiser's file in order to send him a Quote adapted to his situation, based in particular on criteria related to the consistency of the budget with the Media requested, the relevance of the choice of Media with regard to the Campaign objective, etc. 

The Company may propose to the Advertiser a Media more suited to its situation. 

The Advertiser may validate the Quote by electronic signature. The final validation of the Quote is the final conclusion of the contract. 

Finally, the User expressly acknowledges that ADINTIME cannot be liable for the sudden refusal of an Advertiser or a Media to execute its contractual obligations.

6.3 Follow-up of an Advertising Campaign

Through its Connected Space, the Advertiser will have the possibility to : 

  • Follow the progress of the Campaign via the progressive update of the statuses updated by the Company; 
  •  Download the instructions for creating the Campaign visual; 
  •  Send the Campaign visual via the Website; 
  •  Chat with the team via the messaging service on the Website;
  •  Subscribe or cancel a subscription from his Connected Space;
  •  Retrieve the history of your price simulations;
  •  Find the history of his Quote requests;
  •  Find all the documents that have been sent to him via the messaging service;
  •  Retrieve his invoices;
  •  Fill in/edit his personal information and information about his company.


Article 7. Presentation of the Media Services

Adintime offers the following Media Services:                           

  • Premium referencing;
  • Visibility of Advertising Spots on the Website according to the criteria sought by Advertisers;
  • Increased visibility of titles according to the visibility offer chosen;
  • Contact with Advertisers who have requested your Advertising Space(s) for a quote;
  • Highlighting of Advertising Spots offered directly on the home page of the Website.

7.1 Basic referencing

Adintime provides the Media with a referencing Service on the Website. The basic listing includes in particular a short description of the Advertising Spots offered and the creation of a media file.

This listing is completely free for the Media and does not require any subscription.

7.2 Premium Listing

The Premium Listing Service includes in particular :

  • A description and a cover photo of the proposed Advertising Spots;
  •  The creation of a Media file;
  •  The posting of an extract of the offered Advertising Spots;
  •  The creation of an SEO optimized form;
  •  A presentation of the Media on the media sheet presented to the Advertisers allowing more characters than the description included in the basic referencing;
  •  A cover photo of the choice of the advertising space;
  •  A form that will be SEO optimized by the Adintime technical department;
  •  Transmission of requests for quote with priority over the Advertising Spots referenced in Basic;
  •  The possibility of specifying the calendar of each Advertising Space;
  •  Integration on the publisher's website;
  •  A dedicated landing page with a unique URL for use and sharing on all digital media at the discretion of the Media.


Article 8. Independence

The Company does not hold any equity interest in any press company, media outlet or other establishment whose activity would be the subject of a comparison on the Website. No registered Media holds, directly or indirectly, a capital interest in the Company.


Article 9. Remuneration of the Company

The Company is directly remunerated by the Advertisers for the consulting and space buying services provided by the Company. The rates for the purchase of Advertising spots are negotiated directly by the Company with the media. The rates offered by the Company to Advertisers include the rate for the purchase of Advertising spots as well as the Company's remuneration. 

The Company offers to the Media who wish to do so a premium paid listing on the Adintime Website.


Article 10. Connecting

Adintime offers the possibility, on the basis of the selected Advertising Spots, to put the Advertiser in contact with one or more Media. Adintime informs its Users that no information will be transmitted without their prior express consent.

The User therefore acknowledges that the Company is not responsible for the failure of a connection between an Advertiser and a Media or for the impossibility of obtaining a Quote from a Media for any reason whatsoever.


Article 11.  Obligations

Subscribing Users and Professionals undertake, while using the Adintime Service, to respect the laws and regulations in force and not to infringe the rights of third parties or public order. They are solely responsible for the information transmitted. In this respect, the Company shall not be held liable under any circumstances.

To this end, the User agrees :

  • not to transmit any photo or video whose content is likely to be considered obscene, pornographic, indecent, offensive or likely to offend the dignity of any human being;
  • not to publish any content, message or information that is rude, abusive or that encourages any activity that is prohibited by law or regulation in force;
  • not to publish any photo or video protected by the legislation on intellectual property unless you have the rights to it or the necessary consent for its use;
  • not to publish any content containing a corrupted file;
  • not to publish any content violating the rights of a third party.

In particular, the Professional is solely responsible for compliance with the applicable intellectual property legislation.

The User shall also refrain from transmitting :        

  • incorrect or false information;
  • any sensitive information of racial or ethnic origin or concerning political, philosophical or religious opinions, membership of a trade union, sex life or health, contrary to good morals and the law.

In the event of infringement or contravention of these rules due to the transmission of such information, we reserve the right to delete such contentious content without prior notice and, if necessary, your Personal Space.     

You must ensure that all information you provide on the Website remains correct and you are prohibited from creating or using on the Website, unless authorized, other User Spaces under your own identity and/ or that of a third party, being reminded that any impersonation is punishable by prosecution and criminal penalties, and finally any breach of this commitment may result in the immediate suspension without notice of your User Space. 

The User also guarantees :

  • to be the sole owner of the content that you publish on the Website, to be able to proceed to their publication and to have the right to grant us a broadcasting license;
  • not to violate by your publication any of the protected rights, either the rights of the person or those provided for by the civil code and the code of intellectual property (copyright, neighboring rights, trademark, patents, image rights, etc.); 
  • not to publish any false information.


Article 12. Liability - Claim

The Company cannot be held responsible for the content published by the Users on any medium or platform whatsoever, and gives no guarantee, express or implied, in this regard.

Users are solely responsible for the use they make of the Website and the direct or indirect consequences of this use. They are responsible for using the Website in accordance with the regulations in force and the recommendations of the French Data Protection Authority (the C.N.I.L.)

The Company is also under no obligation to pre-screen, monitor, modify or the information published by the Users. The Company shall not be liable for the choices made by the Advertiser. The choice of Advertising Spots is the sole responsibility of the Advertiser.

In no event shall the Company, its subsidiaries or affiliates, or any of their respective employees, officers, directors, agents, resellers, partners, third party content providers or licensors, or any of their officers, directors, employees or agents, be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages arising out of or relating to:

  • User's use of the Website or Services;
  • the inability to use the Website or the Services;
  • modification or deletion of content transmitted via the Services; or
  • these Terms.

In no event shall the Company's liability under the Services exceed the value of the remuneration collected by the Company. The User agrees that any claim arising out of or relating to the Website or Services must be filed within one (1) year after the claim arises or such claim will be forever barred. Because some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, some or all of the above limitation may not apply to you.

In addition, the Company shall not be liable for the non-functioning, impossibility of access or malfunctioning of the services of the Users' access provider, to those of the Internet network. It will be the same for all other reasons external to the Company. Although the Company does everything possible to avoid malicious use of the Website, the Company cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the transmission of a virus or any other element likely to contaminate your computer equipment and programs.

Finally, any contract is concluded directly between the Advertiser and the Media, the Company is not a party to said Contract. Therefore, the User acknowledges that any claim he may wish to make must be submitted directly to his direct co-contractor.


Article 13. Intellectual Property Rights

"Adintime" is a trademark that we have registered with the at the French Patent and Trademark Office (INPI).

The Company is the exclusive owner of the intellectual property rights on the Website and in particular of all the texts, comments, works, illustrations, videos and images, whether visual or sound, reproduced on the Website as well as its databases of which it is the producer.

All these intellectual creations are protected by copyright, trademark law, patent law, sui generis right of databases and image right, and this for the whole world.

In this respect and in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, only the use of the Website for private use, subject to different or even more restrictive provisions of this code, is authorized.

Any other use constitutes an infringement and is punishable under the Intellectual Property Code unless prior authorization is obtained from the Company.

Any form of total or partial copy, aspiration and reproduction of the database produced and operated by the Company on the Website is strictly prohibited without its prior written consent.

The Company is not the owner of the content published on the Website. By using the Website, You grant the Company a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, royalty-free, transferable, irrevocable and sub-licensable right to use the content You post on the Website.  

Under this license, You authorize us:

  • to freely use all or part of your published contents, to represent them, to broadcast them and to reproduce them on the Website;
  • to freely reproduce and distribute one or more cover photos corresponding to the Advertising Spots visible on the Website.

The Company remains free to publish the contents of the Users in a promotional, advertising and not-for-profit framework through communications intended for a B2B public or partnerships. This distribution can be done by any means. 

Therefore, the User declares that:

(i)       He is the owner of the content published on the Website or through it, or that he is authorized to grant the rights and licenses mentioned in these Terms;

(ii)      the publication and use of the content on or through the Website does not infringe, misappropriate or violate the rights of third parties, including, but not limited to, rights of privacy, publicity rights, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights.


Article 14. Protection of personal data

The personal information collected in the context of these Terms is mandatory. This information is necessary for the processing and provision of the Services. The lack of information prevents the proper functioning of the Services offered online.

The User acknowledges and agrees that personal data may be transferred or stored outside the country where the Company and/or the Authorized Users are located, for the purpose of performing the Services under these Terms.

The User acknowledges and agrees that personal data may be transferred or stored outside the EEA for the purpose of performing the Services under these Terms.

The User shall ensure that it has the right to transfer to the Company the relevant personal data so that the Company may lawfully use, process and transfer such data on behalf of the User in accordance with the Terms.

The User must therefore ensure that the relevant third parties have been informed of such use, processing and transfer and have consented to it, as required by all applicable data protection laws.

The Company collects personal data only in accordance with the terms of these Terms and any reasonable and legal instructions you may give us at any time.

Each party will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data or its accidental loss, destruction or damage.

In accordance with with the French Data Processing Act of January 6, 1978, the processing of nominative information collected on the Website was the subject of a declaration to the National Commission of Data processing and Freedoms under the n° 1843727v0.

14.1 Use and Transmission of Personal Data

In order to ensure the functioning of the Website, the Company must proceed to the necessary processing of the Users' personal data. The processed data are directly transmitted to us according to the following methods and for the following purposes:

  • creation of an account ;
  • publication and sharing of content;
  • management of an advertising campaign;
  • processing of quote requests;

The personal data collected for these purposes is mandatory for the confirmation and validation of the Personal Account. Otherwise, the Services cannot be provided.

The Company may also use this data to process the User's requests as well as to reinforce and personalize its communication, in particular through newsletters/emails, and finally to personalize the Website according to the preferences of the Users.

The Company may also provide its partners with consolidated statistics relating to Users, but these statistics do not contain any personal data.

This data may be transmitted to the Company's technical service providers, for the sole purpose of the proper execution of the Services, or to various suppliers such as payment solution providers.  The User agrees that the Company may share information about the User in order to facilitate the use of the platform accessible at

14.2 Adintime Newsletters

Depending on the choices made by the User, he may receive the Adintime newsletter.

14.3 Rights of access, modification, opposition and deletion

In any case, the User has the right to access, modify, oppose and delete personal data by writing to the following address: indicating his name, first name, e-mail and address.

In accordance with the regulations in force, all requests must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature and specify the address to which the reply should be sent. A reply will then be sent to you within 2 months of receipt of the request.

The personal data provided by the User will be destroyed no later than six months after the account is deleted. The Company reserves the right to keep certain data in order to justify, if necessary, the perfect execution of its contractual or legal obligations. The data thus kept will be limited to what is strictly necessary.

14.4 Use of cookies

In accordance with the CNIL deliberation No. 2013-378 of December 5, 2013, the Company informs, moreover, that cookies record certain information that is stored in the memory of its hard disk. This information is used to generate audience statistics for the Website and to offer Services according to the Services they have already selected during their previous visits. An alert message, in the form of a banner, asks each person visiting the Website, beforehand, if they wish to accept cookies. These cookies do not contain any confidential information about You.

The User visiting the home page or another page of the Website directly from a search engine will be informed :

  • the precise purpose of the cookies used;
  • of the possibility of opposing these cookies and of changing the parameters by clicking on a link present in the banner;
  • and of the fact that the continuation of his navigation means that he agrees to the deposit of cookies on his terminal.

To guarantee the free, informed and unequivocal consent of Users visiting the Website, the banner will not disappear until they continue browsing.

Unless prior consent is obtained, cookies will not be deposited or read:

  • if the User goes to the Website (home page or directly to another page of the Website from a search engine for example) and does not continue his navigation: a simple absence of action cannot be considered as an expression of will;
  • or if he clicks on the link in the banner allowing him/her to set the parameters of the cookies and, if necessary, refuses the deposit of cookies.


Article 15. Force majeure

Any event beyond the control of the Company and against which it could not reasonably guard constitutes a case of force majeure and suspends the obligations of the parties, such as but not limited to: a strike or technical failure (EDF, ERDF, telecommunication operators, Internet access or hosting providers, etc.), a stoppage in the supply of energy (such as electricity), a failure of the electronic communication network on which the Company depends and / or networks that would be substituted for it.

The Company shall not be held responsible, or considered to have failed in its obligations under these Terms, for any non-performance related to a case of force majeure as defined by French law and jurisprudence, provided that it notifies the other party on the one hand, and that it does its utmost to minimize the damage and perform its obligations as soon as possible after the cessation of the case of force majeure on the other hand.

Unless otherwise specified in these Terms, correspondence between Users and the Company is carried out by electronic mail via the Website. 

Pursuant to Articles 1316 et seq. of the French Civil Code and, where applicable, Article L.110-3 of the French Commercial Code, the Parties declare that the information delivered by electronic mail shall be deemed authentic between the Parties as long as no contradictory written document, authenticated and signed, is produced which calls into question this computerized information.          

Elements such as the time of receipt or transmission, as well as the quality of the data received, shall be deemed authentic by priority as they appear on the Company's information systems, or as authenticated by ADINTIME's computerized procedures, unless Users provide written proof to the contrary.


Article 16. Entire Agreement Clause

The provisions of these Terms express the entire agreement between Users, Medias and the Company. They prevail over any offer, exchange of letters prior and subsequent to the conclusion of the present, as well as any other provision contained in the documents exchanged between the parties and relating to the purpose of the Terms, unless an amendment duly signed by the representatives of both parties.


Article 17. Non-waiver

The fact that one of the parties to these Terms has not required the application of any clause, whether permanently or temporarily, shall in no case be considered as a waiver of the rights of this party arising from the said clause.


Article 18. Safety

18.1 General information

The User undertakes to take all reasonable precautions to preserve the confidentiality of his Identifiers allowing access to the Website. In this respect, the User undertakes in particular to:

  • not to write down his Identifiers anywhere and under any circumstances, even in coded form;
  • always use his Identifiers away from prying eyes and ears;
  • to refrain from composing his Identifiers in front of third parties;

It is also strongly recommended that the User change, at regular intervals, the password required for access to the Website, by accessing his account, tab "my account", "my password", then "edit".

When changing his password, the User must ensure that the password does not consist of easily identifiable combinations such as his surname, first name, date of birth, or those of a close relative (spouse, child, etc.), a password used for other purposes (in particular for a personal email, etc.).

The User must in particular make sure to choose a password that is long enough and composed, whenever possible, of a combination of letters, numbers, as well as upper and lower case characters.

The Company may, at its discretion, impose an expiration date on the User's password after which the User may not access the Website and the Services without first changing the password.

The User also agrees not to store his Identifiers on his computer, smartphone and/or Digital Tablet, nor to send them via non-secure transmission channels such as e-mail, messages...

Under normal conditions, the Services are accessible through the Website. The User must connect to the Website for a limited period of time and undertakes to disconnect as soon as he has finished using the Services. The disconnection to the Website is not automatic, once connected, the User remains connected to the Website until he/she disconnects by clicking on the disconnection indication on the Website.

18.2 Modification and Termination of the Services

The User may unsubscribe from the Services at any time by sending a request to this effect to the Company, exclusively by electronic means. The Company will then send the User, by electronic means, confirmation of the User's unsubscription to the Services, with the unsubscription taking effect on the date of this confirmation by the Company.

The Company reserves the right to modify or discontinue any or all of the Services at any time, at its sole discretion. The User shall be informed of such modifications and/or termination by any useful means, within fifteen (15) days.

The termination of the Services, for whatever reason, leads to the deletion of the User's Account, who then no longer has access to his Account.


Article 19. Nullity

If one or more provisions of these Terms are held to be invalid or declared as such in application of a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations of these Terms will retain all their force and scope. 

If necessary, the Company undertakes to immediately remove and replace the said clause with a legally valid clause.


Article 20. Title

In case of difficulty of interpretation between the title and the chapter of any of the articles and any of the clauses, the titles will be considered as not written.


Article 21. Attribution of Jurisdiction - Applicable Law

These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with French law, without regard to principles of conflict of laws.

In the event of a dispute arising from the interpretation and/or performance of these Terms or in connection with these Terms, the Parties may decide to submit the dispute to a conventional mediation procedure or any other alternative dispute resolution method. The User or Professional may contact the Paris Mediation and Arbitration Center, 39 avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 75008 Paris, 01 44 95 11 40, email:

In case of failure of this mediation procedure, the Commercial Court of Paris will be competent to settle any dispute.