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To help you set up your media plan, we have created a platform that brings together all the useful resources for your media purchases and how to obtain advertising space rates.

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Understanding media buying

When you want to communicate about a new product or service, it is important to understand some of the mechanics of media buying. The creativity of the ads is indeed an important lever in the success of a campaign but the choice of media, the target and the seasonality are just as important.

To help you with your media buying, here are some resources that might help you:

>>> Glossary : Media Buying

>>> 7 Golden rules to apply when buying advertising

    How to find media on Adintime?

    On Adintime, you can do a search via the search bar and type in the media you are looking for.

    It is also possible to do your search by browsing through the main media categories (press, billboards, media, TV, social networks, etc.):

    Find a press title by region on:

    Find billboards by city: 

    Advertising space by TV channel: 

    Social Media advertising

    Why request a quote from Adintime?

    By requesting a quote for one of the media on our site, you will be able to obtain the rates for advertising space in that medium.

    Please note that Adintime only processes requests for quotes from registered companies and cannot respond to student requests.

    How to get price estimates on traditional media?

    We have also listed for you the average costs of advertising space by major media type. Find all this data in our blog articles:

    >>> OOH (Out Of Home): Formats and Rates

    >>> What are press ads rates ?

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