BFM TV, a general-interest news channel, became France's leading news channel in 2008 and has never lost this title since. BFM TV is the number one news media platform in France with 3.1% audience share in the 25-39 age group. The channel is the leader in 100% of target audiences and has a total of 12.5 million viewers per day.

On the digital side: BFM TV is the 3rd most popular news brand in France with 20.6 million unique visitors per month and is the leading media brand in terms of the number of interactions on the Facebook social network, with 6.8 million interactions.

At the start of the new school year in September 2021, BFM TV retained the top spot with 2.9% of the audience (up 0.4pt compared to September 2020). The channel accounts for 43% of the audience of news channels.

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The advertising offer on BFM TV

Faire de la publicité sur BFM TV

Réaliser une publicité sur BFM TV permet de gagner en notoriété et en visibilité pour les marques collaboratrices.

Quelques chiffres sur BFM TV :

Making a sponsorship advertisement on BFM TV

There are many advantages to sponsoring advertising on BFMTV:

  • BFM TV is a channel accessible to all brands: the offers are affordable, many brands trust the TV channel
  • A real ability to adapt to a number of subjects: powerful features such as the weather forecast, themed programmes (economy, trends, services, etc.)
  • Events expected by French viewers: programmes that French people like to watch every day
  • Optimised visibility: short formats and multiple broadcasts during the day
  • Digital amplification: integration of your logo in the videos broadcast, visibility on Facebook

>>> But what is the difference between traditional TV advertising and TV sponsorship?

Some sponsorship advertising offers:

  • La France qui bouge: a chronicle presented by Julien Gagliardi, this journalist goes to meet the actors who make the economy move, an appointment that gives you a smile with its dynamism. Live or recorded, the column is broadcast between 6am and 9am
  • After Business: a programme currently presented by Stéphanie Coleau, the host looks back on the day's events
  • Happy Boulot: a TV programme that seeks answers to help you live better in your professional environment and build your career
  • Les Marchés: a TV programme where journalists and presenters discuss the stock market throughout the day
  • Les Points Eco: a programme on Les Journaux de l'Economie where we talk about political and economic news

Doing classic advertising on BFM TV

The channel's editorial staff is made up of 200 journalists. With a daily presence on all the events that bring you the news around the world. BFM TV accompanies the French throughout the day and allows them to stay constantly informed.

Today, BFM TV is the only channel in France to offer 20 hours of live coverage per day, from 4.30am to 12.30am. Programmes such as: the morning show "Première Edition", "Bourdin Direct" interviews, "LIVE TOUSSAINT", "Midi/15h", "Non-Stop", "BFM Story", "120% NEWS", "Le dézoom", "22H Max", "WEEK END PREMIERE", "BFMTVSD", "BFM POLITIQUE" and the magazines: " LIGNE ROUGE ", " 7 JOURS BFM ", " PRIORITE AU DECRYPTAGE ", " AFFAIRE SUIVANTE ".

How to reach a local/regional target with BFM TV?

Regional advertising on BFM TV allows you to offer local information to your viewers, brings reactivity to your information and a very important point: reliability.

Local advertising is based on 3 pillars:

  • A 100% local editorial line: responsive and local news processing
  • Editorial staff of 145 journalists: on local news topics
  • A media platform strategy: broadcast on local DTT and on all operator boxes in France

BFM TV offers 8 local channels and 8 applications and sites. These 8 channels have 3.5 million viewers per week, including 1.1 million viewers per day. As for digital, there are 5.5 million monthly visitors with 650,000 fans and followers.

We are interested in the two diffusion areas and their results:

The city of Lille scores highly on its local targets:

  • BFM Grand Lille is the 2nd news channel in terms of daily audience in Lille and counts 515,000 viewers each week

Paris and its local channel BFM Paris:

  • 3rd news channel in terms of daily audience in Île-de-France with 1.8 million viewers each week

How much does an advert cost on BFM?

To find out the price of a BFM TV advertisement, simply request a quote and the Adintime team will reply as soon as possible.

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