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The specialised press is above all the medium of image. It is a powerful medium for reaching all marketing targets. The diversity of media offers advertisers the opportunity to emerge on specific themes and to reach very specific targets with their press advertising. At Adintime, we advise you and offer you a wide range of media with negotiated press rates in France and in many international markets.


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Advertising and press rates: what you need to know

In 2020 (according to a study of the global advertising market carried out by Magna), advertising expenditure will amount to 565 billion dollars for the PQR and 508 billion dollars for the magazine press, which represents 4.6% of the market share for the PQR and 4.2% of the market share for the magazine press respectively... Overall, the press is a medium whose market share is declining in the face of digital players. Moreover, in 2020, digital advertising exceeded traditional media advertising expenditure for the first time, representing 55.2% of the advertising expenditure market.

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The press as a trusted medium

In countries with almost complete freedom for the press, it is the most trusted medium. Indeed, in many countries, it is often the medium that provides greater independence for journalists than other media. Thus, the presence of advertisers communicating in these presses will, a fortiori, be perceived differently by readers and Internet users. This unconscious perception gives the press a powerful advantage and allows it to position itself as a prestigious medium. Channels considered reliable for news information:

  • 72% for printed magazines, 
  • 69% for TV news, 
  • 67% for printed newspapers, 
  • 33% for social media

(Source – Kantar ‘Trust in News’ study, 2017).

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Creativity, new devices, innovations and press rates

The press has undergone many changes and transformations in its history, but the major evolution that the press has undergone is digitalization. The Internet is often seen as the third industrial revolution that has enabled this medium to evolve considerably by breaking down the limits that put it at a disadvantage: limits of time and space. Journalists see their field of expression extended to infinity (internet platform with no limit of writing space) and have the possibility of publishing and distributing their articles within a greatly reduced timeframe. Apart from these limitations, digital publishing is an advantage in terms of press rates. Indeed, press rates for digital editions are more negotiable and provide very competitive CPMs (cost per thousand) compared to other media. Nowadays, the press is constantly renewing itself through numerous original devices, whether paper or digital.

The role of press advertising in a media plan

If you are a new advertiser and your brand awareness is still to be built up, repetition will be necessary in order to emerge permanently and remain in the minds of your target. A brand that already has a strong reputation will not necessarily have to play on repetition since its identity (logo, colours, slogan, etc.) is already known by consumers. However, you should know that new advertisers have a lot of room for manoeuvre when it comes to press rates. Titles are aware of this and offering reduced press rates to first-time advertisers will make it easier for them to build loyalty.

Combined with another medium, the press is a powerful lever for conversion and traffic. Although not very measurable for its paper editions, this medium is still a well-established part of media consumption around the world.

Kantar reveals several key figures on the usefulness of the media mix:

  • 85% of respondents said they had noticed one or more multimedia campaigns
  • 39% believe that this approach helps them understand what the brand is offering

On average, the connected consumer gathers specific brand information from three sources or communication channels.

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The press remains an essential source of information for its readers. It is a real opportunity for advertisers in both print and digital editions.