The different traditional and digital communication channels

To disseminate a message or information, a company uses different means of communication. These means allow companies to exchange on different subjects with their customers and/or prospects (defined as the recipients of the information). The company, or advertiser, must choose objectives according to its target: to work on awareness, to generate leads, to generate traffic on the site or in the shop... Depending on these objectives, the budget defined, the communication period, the advertiser will be able to choose different communication channels.

These different communication channels can be divided into two categories: traditional media channels and digital media channels. Discover the different communication channels such as Press, Posters, Television, Radio, Social Networks, Podcast or Display and their advantages.

First of all, let's define what a communication channel is.

What is a communication channel?

A communication channel therefore refers to the means of communication between an advertiser and its target. Today, all companies communicate.

Which communication channel should be used?

Among the different communication channels, there are two categories of channels: traditional media and digital media. 

The traditional media are composed of :

  • The press, 
  • Posters, 
  • Television 
  • Radio

And, the digital media are represented by :

  • Social networks
  • Podcasting
  • Display

Rates differ according to the different channels, the dates you wish to communicate, the duration of the communication campaign and the advertising formats (to be specified).

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What is the difference between traditional and digital media?

These communication channels, divided into two categories, have some differences. For example, digital communication channels are less expensive and more easily measured. As for traditional media, they reach a larger audience and used to be difficult to measure, but today there are tools such as Médiamétrie and Mobimétrie, which make it possible to know more precisely the performance of advertising campaigns on these media.

The digital media multiply the technological supports: tablets, computers, mobiles or even connected watches. Unlike traditional media, where people use a TV set to watch TV, a paper newspaper to read the press, etc., digital media are not the same as traditional media. However, traditional media are indispensable means of communication for any company. Indeed, the press and TV are among the most used traditional media in the world.

The benefits of traditional media

avantages médias traditionnels

The benefits of traditional media and why choose them:

The benefits of the press

As an image medium, the press communication channel is a channel that allows you to build visibility and credibility with readers. This traditional media is appreciated by professionals because it can be distributed locally, regionally, nationally or even globally. You think press advertising is not effective? 

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The benefits of displays

Display advertising is one of the most popular and effective communication channels. The information that companies wish to convey can be disseminated in several formats and very locally with advertising networks in each city. It is the ideal medium for communicating to the general public in a catchment area or in a very localized area.

The benefits of television

Television is the traditional medium that provides powerful visibility with a strong impact on brand awareness. With more than 3 billion dollars spent on advertising in 2020, TV is one of the most used and appreciated communication channels by advertisers. The advantages are multiple: TV can be watched on several screens (TV, computer, smartphone, tablet....) and it is possible to target a large audience depending on the channels and TV programmes. And today, it is also possible to target the audience geographically with segmented TV.

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The benefits of radio

This traditional medium is the 3rd most important medium in France after television and outdoor advertising in terms of advertising expenditure. Radio can be listened to on several media such as a radio set but also on tablets, smartphones, computers or on web radio platforms (web radio platforms are part of the digital media). The main advantage of the radio channel is to reach a maximum number of people in your catchment area. Do you want to increase awareness and get consumers to react to your message? Discover our audio advertising!

The benefits of digital media

Why is it advantageous to choose digital media as a communication channel?

avantages médias digitaux

The advantages of social networks

Social networks are nowadays indispensable communication channels for any company (VSEs, SMEs or the largest companies). They reach a large audience and offer your brand considerable visibility opportunities. It allows you to communicate at a lower cost, to promote your image and to create a close link with customers and prospects.

The benefits of podcasts

Podcasts are digital audio media that promote interaction with consumers. This digital media is mainly informative and allows to discover new interests. Companies are increasingly interested in this communication channel for their advertising campaigns because it is an opportunity for them to reach a highly targeted audience that is more attentive than on other media.

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