5 tips you need to know if you’re using Facebook ads

Here are some tips to help you start your digital year right. 

Check out our summary of tips you need to know if you're using Facebook and Instagram Ads:

  1. You can advertise on Instagram without creating an account
  2. The same ad can be shown in timelines and stories
  3. Facebook Removes the 20% Text Limit on Ad Images
  4. You can use your posts as content for your ads
  5. You can use an older ad keeping previous likes, comments and shares

You can advertise on Instagram without creating an account

A lot of advertisers don’t have the time or the ressources to create and spread content on 2 or more social media accounts. As a company or an association, you may have chose to only developp a Facebook Page. When you decide to launch a digital campaign, you may regret not being able to communicate on Instagram, because you didn’t choose to be on Instagram.  

Don’t worry, there’s a very simple solution. When you create your ads, Facebook ask you if you want to push your ads on some Instagram placement, using your Facebook account. All you have to do is choose the “advertise as Facebook Page”. Instagram users will see your content and will be able to click on your links just like Facebook Users. 

The same ad can be shown in timelines and stories  

When you launch your campaign, you may not have your visual in every ad format. Once again, Facebook can help. When you create an ad based on a single image or video, you can also show it in the story placements. 

tips story ads facebook and instagram

You don’t have to ajust anything : you just need to select story placement. Your photo or video will show above the wording and your ad will use the whole surface of the mobile screen, just like a story. 

Create an Instagram Story Ad

Facebook Removes the 20% Text Limit on Ad Images

Reminder: few months ago, when you uploaded an advertising visual on Facebook, it should contain less than 20% of text otherwise it would not be broadcast and blocked by the Facebook advertising system. 

An email sent by Facebook to its customers few months ago, announced the end of this 20% rule. Good news and above all, no more headaches for community managers, traffic managers and all the people who had to manage the ads on Facebook! The social network still specified that, it is important to have in mind this 20% text rule to keep good ad performances.

You can use your posts as content for your ads 

Some of your posts are sometimes very popular on social media. A quick buzz, a strong engagement, a lot of reactions… This will probably make you want to push your content and little bit further. Once again, there’s a great way to do it on Facebook.

Once your content goes viral, create your campaign and when you create your ad, click on the “use an existing ad” button. Then, you just need to pick your ad and set the audience

You can use an older ad keeping previous likes, comments and shares 

This tip is quite similar to the previous one. The difference is that this one is about using a previous ad, not a post. 

If you want to use a previous ad which got great results, you can do it very easily. 

This works like a simple copy and paste. You just need to select your ad, then click on the “duplicate” button to create another ad. You will keep all the reactions that you got from your previous campaign if you don’t edit anything on your ad. If you change any text on the ad, or the image, you will loose every reaction. 

We hope that these tips will help you saving time and getting great results from your best content on Facebook and Instagram

Written by Raphaël

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