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Multi-channel advertising campaigns: Out-of-home, TV, Press, Radio, and digital.

Adintime helps you easily launch your online and offline advertising campaigns.

Our media agency expertise

The right media to communicate on may not be the one you think! Our media experts accompany you throughout your media buying process, from strategy development to rate negotiation and campaign launch. 


We find the best advertising solution with the highest performance while respecting your budget


Our multi-channel expertise allows us to have a thorough understanding of market prices and negotiate on your behalf

Project management

We coordinate with service providers and media outlets to ensure a smooth campaign launch, allowing you to have peace of mind

Adintime in few figures

Our expertise and processes enable us to effectively support numerous companies in their local, national, and international communication campaigns. 

10 Million €

In annual advertising space purchases

+200 advertisers

In France and abroad

1,500 campaigns

Already launched locally, nationally, or internationally

2 000 medias

covering the entire media ecosystem in France

15-minute free consultation with a media expert

Do you want estimates and understand how to buy advertising space on TV, radio, out-of-home, press, or other media?

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About us

How much does it cost? That's the question all our clients ask when they want to launch an advertising campaign. We created the Adintime media agency to demystify the world of advertising.

You will learn everything about buying advertising space.

Proximity, listening, and advice

Listening and advice are two qualities you will find in each of your Adintime contacts.

  • Listening to understand your marketing and business challenges.
  • Advice to offer the most appropriate media solution to your challenges. Even if this advice is not always what you expect!

How does our media agency work?

What is a media agency and how can it help me?

A media agency like Adintime specializes in the planning, buying, and management of advertising across various media channels (offline & online). It can help you by developing effective advertising strategies, selecting the right distribution channels, and optimizing your visibility to reach your target audience.

Is Adintime a good media agency?

A good media agency distinguishes itself through strategic expertise, creativity, and the ability to achieve measurable results. We are here to listen and understand your goals and target audience. We offer innovative solutions using your brief and data to optimize campaigns and ensure transparent communication. Above all, we value the relationships we build with each client.

Is Adintime a press-specialized agency?

No, Adintime is not a press-specialized agency. It is an online platform that facilitates the reservation of advertising space across various media, including the press. We connect advertisers and publishers to streamline the process of planning and purchasing advertising space across different media.

Is Adintime a TV media agency?

We are not solely a TV media agency but a multi-channel media agency that enables advertisers to easily book advertising space across different media:

  1. Out-of-home
  2. Press
  3. TV
  4. Audio
  5. Display
  6. Social Media
How much does a media agency cost?

Our remuneration system is based on a percentage of fees on the total amount of your media purchases. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

How do you choose the media for my communication campaign?

We analyze several factors to recommend the right media:

  1. Your target audience
  2. Your campaign objective
  3. Your budget

With our expertise and understanding of your needs, we can suggest the right media to effectively reach your target audience.

Is there follow-up after launching an advertising campaign?

Absolutely. We provide support before, during, and after the campaign.

Once the campaign is completed, we send you the coverage reports and conduct a campaign review to evaluate its performance.

Do you take care of the visual creation of advertisements?

We have been working with partners across various media outlets for many years. You can entrust us with the visual creation of your advertisements: audio or video spots, press pages, display visuals, and more. We will accompany you throughout the process.

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