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Introduction of the social media objective Facebook Image Ads

Infeed ads were introduced in the early 2010’s. At this time, these ads were considered as a huge step forward in advertising. Indeed, before infeed ads, you could only find banners on Facebook. How do they work ? It’s pretty simple : while scrolling through their timeline, Facebook users often find posts made by advertisers that are promoting informations, products or services. People reached by these ads are part of an audience based on interests and demographics.


The strength of this ad placement is its relevance. Indeed, your ad needs to fit the content the user is used to watch. Concretely, this means that the more your ad is related to the content that your audience is used to watch, the more people you reach for a low price.


The news feed allows you to show your content in many ways. You can combine messages, visuals (static or animated) descriptions and a call to action button. These elements are here to help your audience understand what you’re promoting or selling. These ads are very efficient for generating traffic, leads and online sales for example.


Use infeed ads for your media plan. Main objectives : traffic, conversion.

Adintime creates and shows infeed ads everyday to thousands of Facebook users. We set your target based on your audience’s profile and your knowledge of your client’s or customers. We optimize your campaigns to spend your budget wisely at the best price.

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