Specialized press and trade press: is there a difference?

There are more than a hundred specialized and professional magazines and just as many advertising targets for your next campaigns. Nonetheless, you still need to know which media to choose. To help you make the best choice, let’s dive into these two sub-categories of the written press.

Summary of the article on the specialized and trade press 

  1. What are the differences between specialized and trade press?
  2. The benefits of advertising in the specialized and trade press
  3. Some examples of reviews in specialized and professional press

What are the differences between specialized and trade press?

Specialized press

Generally, specialized press refers to the written press. Specialized press is a category that includes all periodical publications (newspapers, magazines):

  • that deal with a very specific subject, such as history, science...
  • intended for a public according to its age (youth press) or its area of interest (sport, music, etc.).

The specialized press can be targeted towards individuals or professionals.

Trade press

You certainly already understood that the professional press is a sub-category of the specialized written press in the sense that it gathers periodical publications which deal with niche subjects according to the sectors of activity, intended for the professional public (farmers, insurers, pharmacists, doctors…).

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The benefits of advertising in the specialized and trade press

Advertising in the specialized or professional press has a significant benefit: the readership of these magazines is well known. It is thus possible to make an advertising campaign that will reach for sure the target that one aims at.

These two types of press are very valued by their readers, who tend to read them assiduously. The trade press has a particularly good image with its audience, who get a real added value from it. The trade press is perceived as an educational medium that influences the professional development of its audience.

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Some examples of specialized and professional press french reviews

Agricultural trade press

Agricultural magazines dealing with economic, political, or technical subjects around the agricultural sector have the advantage of being very accessible to their large target of readers:

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Press specialized in ecology

Ecological issues represent a cross-cutting subject that many fields of activity may wish to address in light of the problems encountered in their sectors:

Press specialized in insurance

The specialized insurance press is an essential media for the field’s professionals:

Professional press about economy and stock exchange

The economic and stock exchange sector's specialized and professional objective is the analysis and the deciphering of economic, political, and social trends:


The diversity of trade and professional press publications makes these two sub-categories the media to focus on to reach all categories of marketing targets. And their great specificity allows them to reach well-determined consumers.

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