As key and decisionnary people in the marketing strategy of your company, you probably already faced one of those situations. In order to successfully prepare your future media campaigns, we provide you with a list of 6 blunders not to commit:

1.Advertise at the same time as everybody else

Media investments are facing very strong seasonality which is highly respected by many advertisers who tend to communicate only during those periods of heavy traffic. These periods being indeed very crowed, the emergence of your brand becomes more difficult. Spreadind out your communication along the year will enable you to emerge more easily.

Moreover, these high periods are also the most expensive.
Some advertisers and agencies have been specialists in the use of off-peak periods to gain notoriety at lower cost.


2. Spreading your budget on too many titles

Whether your advertising budget is tight or not, it is important to favor focus and repetition for an effective memorization of your offer. Furthermore, this will help you negotiate campaigns at lower costs if you choose few key mediagroups.

3. Conduct a mono-media campaign

The efficiency of bi-media is proven. Each media participates in the conversion to the final act of purchase. For example, the couple Print + Web allows to multiply by 3.8 the purchase intent vs. one web campaign alone.


4. To be mislead about your initial communication objective

For sure, the usual answer will be: to increase sales!

A media plan shall support communication objectives, with the largest share of the target within the available budget, taking into account the context and opportunities. Hereafter are four key points to defined when in building your plan:

- Identify your communication objective: awareness, attitude, traffic, testing a product, native advertising …
- Determine your target: consumption, marketing, communication, media?


- Determine your budget::it depends on the format and the design of the advestising spaces and the supports you’ve chosen.

- Communicate at the right time on the right place: shape your advertisement in accordance with the market seasonality and your own timeline.

5. Forgetting a key element in your visual

Surprising indeed but unfortunately too frequent, despite the vigilance of advertisers and agencies, some oversights remain unnoticed until the day of the publication of the title. Here is a check-list of the most important things to have on your visual:

■ The presence of your logo and brand name

■ The address of your website and an associated landing page if you want to lead your readers to a particular page and incidentally measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

■ The address of the outlets / distributors of your brand

■ Your message if you want to put one: is it really understandable and is it the right vocabulary if you are communicating overseas ?

■ The adequacy of your visual with the support’s target audience. Is your visual meant for your audience? Some advertisers broadcast visuals addressed to a female audience on male media, or media campaigns with snowy winter sets during midsummer time. 

■ Respect codes: adapt to the country you are communicating in. Successful visuals in Europe will not necessarily work in Asia. It is very important to clearly define the expectations and values of your target audience in order to deliver an appropriate message.

6. Not negotiating rates

The process of media buying is subject to certain rules that can be found elsewhere than in the press.
Thus, the rates of your spaces can be decreased thanks to some specific conditions:

■ Depending on the volume purchased, the APP (average price per page) can be lowered

■ Mutualizing media purchase with the same media group

■ Your purchase history (fidelity)

■ Promotional offers, offers to a reserved sector, seasonal offers (see previous article on this topic: Summer offers)

■ The professional discount which your agency enjoys if you are calling on an agency

7. (Bonus) To not simplify your advertising space purchase

While there is ADINTIME :)

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The Adintime team