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7 good reasons to use the profesionnal press as a mean of communication 

Full of quality content, precise and politically engaged, the press is largely appreciated and trusted by its readers.

1 / The profesionnal press has good reputation

Every year the Professionnal Specialized Press federation and the IFOP ( the french institute of public opinion) organize a survey to collect the opinions of middle and upper class workers on the professionnal press.

media professional press

Despite being too often forgotten by announcers the press enjoy a solid image among its readers. In fact, 92% of them declare that they have a good opinion of it, these same readers also share in the same survey their need to follow the latest news in their work field.

3/ It is a source of added values for its readers

The professionnal press stands out by its original and politacally engaged actions. Lots of initatives got rewarded by 2016 Trophy of press. We keep in mind the partnership between « France Agricole » and the AstraZenca pharmaceutic laboratories to realize an operation of diabete detection on its 85 000 readers.

4 / Press has a high rate of conservation

Always read with attention press enjoys a high rate of keeping of its paper publication by its readers. 30% of the asked workers said that they keep all of the written press they read, 50% of them keep a part of it. This habit leads to a high rate of re-reading wich is great for announcers.

professional press paper

Related to this habit of keeping by its readers is the strong sense of fidelity, 81% of the middle and upper class workers declare that they are in fact attached to the press they read. This attachment can be translated as a sharing to their co-workers and relatives.

5 / It comes in addition of the digital

Nowadays digital has found its place into the informational landscape, we even note  a rise in the frequention of the professionnal medias' websites. 9 people out of 10 declare that they browse the website of their favorite media « frequently » or « from times to times ». But written press and digital media are actually complemetary. Websites give a quick look at the news while the reading of the written article allows to go further into the information.

6 / Plays a role in the profesionnal evolution

According to the 2012 survey of the IFOP for 3 interviewed people out of 4 the reading of professionnel press has an educational value and could even play a role in their profesionnal evolution. According to these same readers the reading of this kind of press allow them to improve themselve in their work environment (for 78% of them),  and contribute to their needs of training ( for 73% of them).

7 / Conclusion

The various actors professionnal press remain both reliable and key supports for announcers that want to adress B to B target or a very specific audience. The readers are focused and faithful to their press of choice.

professional press media

* Company Studies Participation Realization for Publishing and Media

Attentive to the editorial contents of the professional press they are even more attentive to the ads they see in a context of reliable and precise informations. A study from the SEPREM was already confirming this in 2013 : « The proactive pros that have an active approach of searching documentation on their work field, suppliers or service providers are more likely to have an interest in the ads they see in this informative context ».


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Erick Gommeaux, Founder & CEO Adintime

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