Formats of press inserts

When you want to advertise in a newspaper, you should be aware that there are several possible formats and of course a different price scale depending on the format chosen. We have put together a summary of the different press advertising inserts to help you choose the best way to advertise.

The different types of press advertising inserts 

First of all, there are several formulas:

  • Stapled: the stapled advertising insert is attached to the magazine by stapling. It is then stapled to the magazine and, by definition, is attached to the magazine.
  • Blistered: the blistered advertising format is wrapped in film with the magazine.
  • Slid or Thrown: this advertising format is inserted into the magazine.
  • The Posé: this advertising is detachable from its support.

Press insert formats

The press insert has many advantages for advertisers who wish to increase their visibility on a target group that is either geolocalised or according to specific socio-demographic profiles. But it is also an excellent medium for standing out and offering original and committed advertising. Insertion, insert, advertisement, advertising insert, whatever expression you use, there are several advertising formats in the press.

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Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the advertising inserts:

  • Double page
  • Full page (1/1)
  • 1/2 height - or width
  • 1/3 height - or width
  • ¼ height - or width
  • 1/8 height - or width

Encarts publicitaires presse

There are also some special formats such as :

  • The additional insert booklet
  • The front cover rider
  • The multi-page insert

Encarts publicitaires spéciaux presse

Some innovative print advertising campaigns

1- Uber's helping hand

In 2021, Uber has decided to give a little help for vaccination in France. Indeed, the company has committed to offer 20,000 free rides to drive elderly people to vaccination centers in 10 French cities.

An advertising campaign began on social networks, in digital and in the press on 1 March 2021.

Encart publicitaire presse Uber - Credit photo Uber Encart presse Uber - Credit Uber 

2- When Burger King encourages you to order from MCDO

During the second wave of confinement in France in 2020 following the COVID-19 epidemic, Burger King encouraged all French people to order Whoppers but also Big Macs, pizzas and sushi.... An original and supportive Burger King communication campaign.

Encart publicitaire Burger King - Credit photo Burger King

3- Love as seen by Intermarché

In March 2020, Intermarché launched a beautiful digital and press campaign called "L'amour tout court". This campaign was launched to promote the Intermarché Drive and all its services.

On the digital side, there is a touching video in which we see two young people falling in love with each other in a few seconds at the Drive.

On the press side, there are visuals that give a little more detail about the Drive's services.

Publicité presse Intermarché - Drive

A very good example of a complementary, effective and creative digital and print advertising campaign.

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