Is it still relevant to advertise in press in 2019 ?

Is it still relevant to advertise in press in 2019 ?

In our current digital era, the print media had to adapt and now offers a more innovative, dynamic and performing medium. Its objective is to outcompete the digital media’s boom in terms of advertising efficiency and preferences towards individuals. Nowadays, print relates to trustworthiness and shouldn’t envy the other digital and traditional medias.

Please find below the reasons why it is relevant to communicate in press in 2019. Adintime has developed its arguments on the basis of ACPM study, with a focus on the efficiency of advertising’s investments in press.

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1) Print media: evolutive and dynamic

a) Constant renewal of titles

In France, the diversity and the quantity of magazines is continuously increasing. Indeed, within 25 years, the number of newspapers and magazines has risen by 37%, and reached 4 120 titles in 2017.

This development is also linked with the number of monthly readers in France which got 1.5 million more individuals in 4 years from 2014 to 2017.

Evolution monthly readers france

Source: One global Survey V4 2014 to 2017 in nb of readers ( x1000 ) Global Brand

As a result of these evolutions, some magazines have stood out from the others and are successful now.

Example: Dr. Good, launched by Michel Cymes in December 2018, sold 113 000 copies on its first issue (Source: Média+), followed by a sales record for its 7th issue up to 216 000 copies, a 64% increase vs the 1st issue (Source: Mondadori Media Connect) !

b) Efficient mix between print and digital

The innovation for press is also the digital turning into a print media with some pure players which spotted a profitable opportunity through this channel.


  • Doctissimo – Santé et bien-être
  • Marmiton
  • Oh ! My mag
  • Le journal des Femmes

In the other way around, the press offers various platforms to read its content such as websites (desktop, tablet and mobile) and PDF e-magazines. Through those mediums, the press has evolved positively and, despite a slight drop by 3.1% of sold/printed copies in 2017 vs 2016 in France, it has shown a further growth potential on digital.

Digital and print readers 2017 vs 2016

Source: ACPM / OJD 2017 vs 2016

2) Print media: an accurate and relevant targeting

a) 360° targeting

Just like the digital, the press has a strong targeting potential and covers more than 90% of the french population, including 99,7% of the Premium category (executives directors and managers, individuals 18+ being a member of a household with > 65K € [tax excluded] annual income).

In addition, we can observe on the two graphics below that the press is the media which reaches the highest income targets.

Premium audience per media 2017

Source: One Premium 2017

Top income targets per media 2017

Source: One Premium 2017

Besides the wide range of possible targets that the print media offer, trade magazines are a very efficient way to reach a specific audience, in B2B or B2C, a preference from advertisers proven by the stable advertising revenues in 2018 vs 2017 decreasing by 0,2% (Source : IREP).

Press readers per age range France

Source: ONE global 2017 V4 - One Premium 2017

b) Medium highly appreciated

The press indisputably remains the favorite media of the Premiums closely competing against Internet. For instance, print media is picked in priority in the fashion, beauty, finance and automotive sectors; it is the favorite medium for decorations with Internet and the second media for tourism.

In terms of new products and services releases, press is also the Brand Addict’s* favorite media (*individual who attaches a lot of importance to brands for his purchases choices).

In the field of beauty and personal care, 37% of brand addicts get informed in press about new trends and products vs 23% for the overall population. Regarding the other sectors, rates are at 53% for tourism, 45% for food, 46% for technologies and 53% for health care.

3) Print media: appealing and reliable

a) Priority source of information

Information is rooted in 90% of French people’s daily life who check it at least once a day.

Therefore, press is in the second position of the most used media for information, after Internet but before television.

Most used media for information

Source: One Premium 2017

However, Internet includes the press on social media, websites and apps.

b) Media n°1 of reliability

As shown in the diagram below, the trust towards Internet’s information is quite low with rates between 30% and 55%, except for the news coming from newspaper’s websites which reach 68% of trust rate, with the same observation in France, Germany and UK.

Reliability on Internet in France, UK and Germany

Source: JIN France Opinion Way - 1000 interviews du 9 au 13 janvier 2017 - Cawi - Baromètre de confiance Digitale

Then, in terms of information’s credibility, newspapers (2nd position +7pts) keep improving as well as the radio (on 1st position +4pts) and the television (3rd position +7pts) while Internet keeps losing approval (-1pt) (Source: Baromètre Crédibilité des Médias 2018 - Kantar Sofres - Kantar Media - La Croix).

Thanks to this credibility, advertisements in press benefit from readers trust and high action rates.

Trust in ads print vs digital

Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, Q1 2015.

Consequently, 75% of readers declare seeing each advertisement of the print media which is 2,5 times higher than digital medias.

4) Print media: successful and creative

a) Essential driver in the buying decision

Why is the press a valuable media for advertising?

According to the American study MPA USA October 2015, the following causes had been displayed to demonstrate the efficiency of reading paper documents and the awareness of print advertisements: 

  • Better understanding and memorization
  • Prefered by the majority of readers (even Millenials) – 57% of French people exclusively read the paper press (Source: ONE Market 2017)
  • More interest and less forgetfulness
  • A slower reading
  • Stimulates emotions and desire

Moreover, advertisements in press are better perceived than on websites or TV, thanks to the content’s coherence with the announcements and the quality of the products and services offered.

Ads benefits print vs tv vs websitesSource: MPA USA Simmons Research Multi Media Engagement Study - spring 2016

Therefore, its strengths mix reliability, relevance and awareness which generates a call to action to 43% of readers according to Adlike / Haris Interactive France.

It may also be noted that Millenials generation pay a lot of attention to advertisements in magazines and newspapers.

Ads efficiency per generations

Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, Q1 2015.

The decision making is a significant factor of the consumer’s purchase process, beyond the product and service’s awareness. Consequently, the press remains the best media to trigger the decision making, before TV commercials (Source: USA Marketing Sherpa - Customer Satisfaction Research Study - Oct 2016 - 2400 interviews).

b) KPI’s booster

It has been shown that KPI’s in print media are more efficient than Internet and TV concerning brand awareness, brand favorability and purchase intent.

Ads benefits per media

Source: MPA USA Millward Brown Digital 2007 - 2015 Data Exposed vs Control Campagnes Print + Digital incluant les journaux

Therefore, the post-advertising campaign results indicate that including the press in a media plan perfects the return on investments. Indeed, from 2004 to 2015, the ROI average of magazines was 3,94$ for 1$ invested, much higher than display advertisements (2,63$) and TV commercials (2,55$).  

Benefits of adding print in media campaign

Source: Magnetic - the power of context IPA Data Bank cases studies 2012 - 2016

c) Multimedia strategy : combining press and other mediums

A multimedia strategy combines several media in the same time in a common advertising campaign with one message. Print media is a good way to strengthen the exposure and the credibility of your message in order to trigger a decision-making.

Media mix efficiency with press ad campaign

Source: MPA USA Millward Brown Digital 2007 - 2015 Data Exposed vs Control Campagnes Print + Digital

Some other examples such as the codistribution gives the opportunity to generate a better memorization and a friendly image to your brand, especially for food & beverage products.

samples advertising performances print

Source: 20 Minutes

d) Examples of creative magazine’s advertisements

Fake front page on the 20 Minutes newspaper for promoting the Rock n Roll movie.

Rock n Roll ad in 20 Minutes

An augmented reality print ad activated with the app SnapPress.

Advertising SnapPress augmented reality

One more time, the 20 Minutes newspaper changes its adversiting space to offer a “tearing” effect for the advertiser: Monopoly.

Monopoly special ad 20 minutes

Quotes can be requested for free through Adintime's platform which sends you an answer within 24h.

So, ready to advertise in print magazines?  

PS: If you don’t find a specific title, please feel free to email us, then we will add it. 

Written by Yann Roger

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