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Nowadays, there are more than 4 000 print magazines, only in France (Source: CSMP) It’s easy to get lost! Some criteria are quite often picked such as the magazine reputation, our personal point of view, the required budget for an advertising space may not be enough to ensure a smart investment in print media.

Here are some tips to help you determine which titles to communicate.

1)      Media campaign: constraints and objectives

You probably know the 5W rule: Why, What, Where, When, Who.  Ahead of any media campaigns, it is essential to set your strategy keys.

media planning strategy

Why? What are the goals of your media campaign?  

-          Mainstream public or B2B visibility, image, product launch, traffic…

What? What is your campaign’s topic or sector?

-          Sport, IT, construction industry, fashion, beauty, etc.

Where? Where do you want to announce? How widely?

-          London, West Midlands, England / local, regional, national?

When? When do you want to launch your campaign?

Some magazines are weekly, bimonthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. Therefore, the dates of distribution might not fit yours. It is also judicious to have a look at editorial calendars in order to advertise in a relevant context which matches your topics.

Who? What are your targets?

-          B2B or B2C? sportsman, women, gamers, students, etc.

But also, How much? What is the budget dedicated to your campaign?

In fact, the more you communicate on a wide scale, the more the circulation is important and the more the required budget is substantial. If your target is very specific, there is no need to advertise in a general magazine distributing tens or hundreds of thousands of copies. A specialized magazine, circulating only over thousands of copies, would be as effective if this reaches your core target.

2)      Find the appropriate magazines, general and specialized

Once your basis is set, you can start the search stage in order to find the magazine which matches all your criteria or the most of them. Many online tools, platforms or media agencies, can support you in those steps, either for free or otherwise.

« I want to advertise to high income readers and fashion lovers at regional level in Hong Kong. »

Selected titles:

  • Prestige 
  • Hong Kong Tatler
  • Centurion
  • Departures

Magazine advertisement

How do you shortlist?

-          Look for lists of magazines by sector, targets and others features on search engines

-          Use paid search tools for medias. Ex: Cision

-          Use free search tool for print magazines. Ex: Adintime


3)      How do you get to your ultimate decision?

From now on, it is important to know the priority criteria which will make you determine the most suitable magazine(s) to pick:

-          Relevant target details (%Women/%Men, socio-professional categories, age range, etc.)

-          Print or paid circulation, which means: how many copies are printed or sold? These figures can be certified, depending on the title, by different organizations such as the ACPM in France and the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) worldwide

-          Editorial Calendar to know the various topics raised in the upcoming issues (Ex: having your advertisement about protective equipment in a construction trade magazine, which deals with work safety in its issue, enhances your campaign’s efficiency).

-          Available advertising formats and sizes

-          Rate Card (Warning: Most of the time, negotiated rates (net) are much lower than gross rates, sometimes about 70% discount or more, depending on your purchasing conditions).

Please refer to our related article on the subject to optimize your media buying: 7 Golden Rules to negotiate your media plan

The media kit : priority document for media-planners

The Media Kit is dedicated to advertisers and contains all the necessary information written above. (Warning: sometimes, the Editorial Calendar is not in).

Where can you find the Media Kit?

-          Download it from the magazine’s website or the advertising agency which manages sales

-          Call or email a sales person of the magazine or ad agency.

-          Search on to get access to a synthesized media kit with all the information you need!

Nevertheless, the ultimate decision doesn’t only depend on these criteria but also on the negotiated rates suggested. To learn more about negotiation and media buying, I urge you to read the following article from our blog: 7 Golden Rules to negotiate your media plan.

Quotes can be requested for free through Adintime’s platform which sends you an answer within 24h. So, ready to advertise in print magazines?  

PS: If you don’t find a specific title, please feel free to email us, then we will add it. 

Written by Yann Roger

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