Segmented TV: the new Eldorado for advertising?

In August 2020, a decree aimed at relaxing the television advertising regime was signed by the government allowing segmented advertising. But what does this mean for advertisers? Is it an opportunity to explore?

What is segmented TV advertising?

Segmented TV advertising is the fact of being able to offer targeted advertising on the same advertising space according to audience segments. It's a bit like saying "tell me who you are and where you live and I'll tell you what to buy". The principle of this measure is to boost the TV advertising offer and to offer more localised solutions adapted to the audience.

Segmented TV advertising, a godsend for advertisers 

Segmented TV

Segmented TV advertising will bring a new way of communicating on TV with a geolocalised offer and reduced prices. Indeed, segmentation will be able to be carried out according to geographical data, in particular thanks to the IPs of the internet boxes, and according to socio-demographic data, thanks to the information held by internet service providers following their customers' subscriptions. This digital targeting will enable advertisers to :

  • Better target their audience
  • Reduce the cost of purchasing TV advertising space
  • Better measure the ROI of advertising campaigns

A great deal for companies who have always wanted to communicate on TV to a smaller audience (regional or local) with very low prices!

But some uncertainties...

Segmented TV advertising

The success of this new form of advertising is based on the number of users who have given their consent. And it's not won yet! According to the YouGov study conducted in March 2020, 39% of respondents were in favour of segmented TV, while 56% were against it. The main reason was that they did not want their personal data to be used. The most enthusiastic with the concept of segmented TV advertising is the 18-34 year olds, 40% are in favour of it against 18% for the over 55s.

To conclude this article, segmented TV represents a real potential for all advertisers wishing to optimise their advertising campaigns. However, it will still be necessary to wait a few months to see the offers develop, as they are still being tested by the advertising network. It will also take some time for users to be equipped with the new decoders and for them to give their consent.

ISPs that have agreed to do segmented TV advertising

Several ISPs that do segmented advertising:

  • Orange
  • Free
  • SFR
  • Bouygues Telecom

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