Overview of TV advertising agencies in France

Television is already celebrating its 95th anniversary; although the 1920’s were the beginnings of this broadcasting tool, which is nowadays highly developed. Television has been able to build a true love story with consumers around the world.

And French people are quite close to it, nearly 93% of households are equipped of a TV. This passion is also reflected in the number of screens in households, which has more than doubled in 10 years, rising from 3.4 in 2010 to 7.1 in 2020.


Television is now a colossal market that is seeing more and more players appear, wanting to capitalize on this success. So how does this market work? Who are the powerful players in television in France?

In fact, in television, the actors which act are called “advertising agencies”, they are large or small groups that own one or even a set of channels.

What is the French TV Media Landscape ? 

Let's put the context, in France, today, 8 TV Media Group dominate the market. 

In the past, only one TV Media group had the advertising monopoly, especially because it owned the 3 existing television channels at that time and the four radio channels of the French audiovisual public service. It was about RFP, translate Régie Française de Publicité. Created in 1969, it lost its monopoly in 1984 following the creation of the private media group Canal + with its own advertising management.

2 years later, Régie 5 (media group for the channel 5) and M6 advertising, owner of the chain of the same name M6, were created.

Now 8 media companies dominate the French audiovisual market.

To get the full picture, we must dissociate national public channels and private channels which are free and the paids privates channel you have to subscribe to.


There are 8 national public channels in France.


The France Television group is the group with the most national channels. In terms of figures, nearly 30 million French people watch France Television every day, that is to say, half of the viewers, which makes this group the leader in audiovisual groups in France.

You contribute to its success when you watch France 2 - 3 (including regional programs) - 4 - 5 - Ô.

Some channels of the group


 There are other national public channels like France info, La Chaîne parlementaire (LCP-Assemblée nationale and Public Sénat), both don’t broadcast advertisement. Also, there is Arte which is in relation to an independent advertising agency: Ketil Media




In this sector two TV media group are in competition: on one hand, TF1 Publicité which is the first multimedia agency in Europe (just that!). On TF1 you can watch different football championships or even "Demain nous appartient”, one of their best TV show in term of audience.

The media group owns as well channels TFX, TMC, LCI and many others.

Some channels of the group


Beside TF1 Publicité, there is, of course, M6 Publicité which stands. It is the second media group in France, but also the audiovisual group with the youngest audience profile, with 50% of viewers under the age of 50 and the most feminine audience.

Some key and successful programs will "Exclusive inquiry" (Enquête exclusive, in French) , "The shopping queens" (Les Reines du shopping, in French) presented respectively (it is important to underline it) by Bernard De La Villardière and Cristina Cordula or “Mariés au premier regard” (Married at first sight in English) or “Chasseurs d’appartement” (Flat hunters in English) with the iconic Stéphane Plaza.

M6 Publicité group owns as well: W9, 6ter, PARIS PREMIERE, or Téva channels of the group and the radio RTL.

Some channels of the group


In a completely different register of free national private channels, Next Media Group broadcasts the channels such as BFM TV, the leader TV channel in France for information, BFM Business the leader TV channel for economic and business topics, RMC Découverte, RMC Sport, etc. Those are all news channels, documentaries, and sports channels.

Some channels of the group


The Amaury Media group also broadcasts national channels and launched the television version of the famous sports newspaper L'Équipe (in 1998: which remains a memorable year for French football, the year France won the worldcup). The group broadcasts as well France football, Vélo Magazine and Le Journal du Golf.

Some channels of the group




Two main media groups share that market: Canal + Brand Solutions group owning the channels of the Canal + group like Cnews the direct information TV channel competitor of BFMTV, C8, CStar, Canal + Sport, Canal + Family, etc. Note that the channel will enrich its offer in 2020 by offering 6 new channels: 4 Discovery channels and 2 Eurosport channels. The group is thus expanding its offer on sports and discovery themes, making it the first thematic agency.

Some channels of the group


As Canal + and on a similar theme, you will find beIN Sports which markets the advertising spaces of the beIN Sport 1, beIN Sport 2 and beIN Sport 3 channels. It is the 1st premium sports channel in France with nearly 3.4 million subscribers 

Some channels of the group


Finally, the Viacom International Media group extends to other themes: entertainment, music and cartoons, via the channels: MTV, Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon Junior, BET, etc...

Some channels of the group


We hope this overwiew of the TV media landscape in France gave you some good insights. 

If you want to buy media advertising TV, you now know where to start. At least, perhaps it is above all necessary to have an idea of the audience of the different channels!

Audiences per channel et per advertising agencies

At Adintime, we work since the beginning with the whole French advertising agencies. You are wondering: which TV channels should you advertise on according to your objectives and your budget?

Do not hesitate to share your brief with us here.

Written by Marine Collet

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