How much does a TV ad cost?

In TV advertising. it is important to consider 2 things: first the cost of the advertising production and the price of broadcasting the commercial depending on the TV channel. These prices change according to the TV channel, whether it is national or TNT, but also according to the broadcasting time or the TV program. Here are some notions to help you understand the prices of TV ads.

Summary of the article: How much does a TV ad cost?

  1. How is the cost of a TV ad calculated?
  2. Some price ideas for a TV ad
  3. Find sales conditions and rates for TV ads

How is the cost of a TV ad calculated?

The importance of knowing your GRP cost

When you want to advertise on TV, it is important to know your GRP (Gross Rating Point) cost to evaluate if you are targeting the right audience and therefore to know your "value for money". The GRP is an indicator of advertising pressure on a given target. To calculate the advertising pressure, it is necessary to add the coverage rate and the repetition.

GRP is then calculated as follows:

GRP = Coverage rate X average repetition

GRP 150 = 50 (50% of the coverage rate of the target) x 3 (repetitions of the advertising screen on this target)

Some price ideas for a TV ad

If you are reading this article, it is probably to know how much a TV ad costs? To answer this question, you must first have an idea of the type of TV advertising you want to set up: classic spot, sponsorship or segmented TV.

Indeed, the rates of a TV advertisement vary according to the nature of the spot you intend to set up.

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The prices of a classic TV spot

The classic TV spot is one of the most expensive advertising media you can find (no, it's not a legend). 

But what budget to invest, what price? If you want to advertise on TF1 for example, you need to invest at least €100,000 excl. tax. 

And it's the same on the DTT channels of TF1 and M6: a minimum budget of €100,000 excl. tax for a classic spot of 20 seconds, in order to guarantee you a minimum of efficiency. 

Rates for TV sponsoring

As far as TV sponsoring is concerned, you have to count at least €21,500 excl. tax per week to sponsor a program like 50" Inside on TF1 or €270,000 excl. tax to sponsor during a whole month the program Quotidien on TMC.

You can also seize last minute opportunities and sponsor a program at more affordable rates, even on the major TV channels: the starting prices of TV sponsorship opportunities on TF1 and M6 are between €35,000 and €50,000 before tax. You can sponsor programs on BFMTV by taking advantage of opportunities priced at €25,000 or €30,000 excl. VAT per month. On the other hand, sponsorship opportunities for TPMP (Touche pas à mon poste) on C8 can generally be taken up from €100,000 excluding VAT.

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Advertising on TV at a reduced price: rates for segmented TV

A recent advertising opportunity, segmented TV is a way to reduce the costs of your advertising campaign while ensuring that your spot reaches its audience thanks to its strong targeting capacity. Indeed, the minimum price for a 7-day segmented TV advertising campaign on the M6 channel is €5,000 excl. tax. While the average ticket for a segmented advertising campaign is €15,000 excl. tax on TF1.

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Summary table of TV advertising prices

Type of TV advertisingClassic TV spotSponsored TV advertisingSegmented TV advertising
Price of a TV campaign over one monthFrom €100,000 excl. taxFrom €86,000 excl. tax without a last-minute opportunityFrom €25,000 excl. tax with a last-minute opportunityFrom €20,000 excl. tax

Find sales conditions and rates for TV ads

2 solutions are available to you to know the price of your TV campaign.

The first and easiest way is to go to our platform, choose the TV program on which you would like to advertise and make a quote request in a few clicks. You will then get the TV advertising rates that correspond to your campaign project.

You can also go to the media spaces of the TV advertising agencies and find the rates. Here are some links that might help you:

Otherwise, our team will accompany you in the launch of your TV advertising campaign

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