How much does a TV ad cost?

In TV advertising. it is important to consider 2 things: first the cost of the advertising production and the price of broadcasting the commercial depending on the TV channel. These prices change according to the TV channel, whether it is national or TNT, but also according to the broadcasting time or the TV program. Here are some notions to help you understand the prices of TV ads.

How is the cost of a TV ad calculated?

The importance of knowing your GRP cost

When you want to advertise on TV, it is important to know your GRP (Gross Rating Point) cost to evaluate if you are targeting the right audience and therefore to know your "value for money". The GRP is an indicator of advertising pressure on a given target. To calculate the advertising pressure, it is necessary to add the coverage rate and the repetition.

GRP is then calculated as follows:

GRP = Coverage rate X average repetition

GRP 150 = 50 (50% of the coverage rate of the target) x 3 (repetitions of the advertising screen on this target)

Some price ideas on TV channels and programs

What budget to invest, what price? If you want to invest for an advertisement on TF1 for example, you need to invest with a minimum budget of 30K€ HT.

The TNT channels of TF1 are more affordable since the minimum budget to invest is between 10K€ HT and 15K€ HT depending on the DTT channels.

On France 2, for example, for an advertisement on France 2, the rates for 30 seconds can vary between 200€ HT and 21 000€ HT (rates broadcasted for the 1st of March to the 4th of April 2020) depending on the day and the hour when the spot is broadcasted.

You want to target professionals on TV? The TV channel B SMART is a channel dedicated to economy and finance. Every day, it highlights today's entrepreneurs and companies. The channel offers a first pack at €5,000 net of tax for classic video spots of an average length of 30 seconds.

>>> See the classic B SMART offer

It is also possible to sponsor a program. In this solution, an advertising billboard will appear at the beginning and at the end of the show. The prices for this solution can vary between 5 000€ HT and 8 000€ HT.

>>> See B SMART sponsorship offers

>>> See BFM advertising offers 

Find sales conditions and rates for TV ads

2 solutions are available to you to know the price of your TV campaign.

The first and easiest way is to go to our platform, choose the TV program on which you would like to advertise and make a quote request in a few clicks. You will then get the TV advertising rates that correspond to your campaign project.

You can also go to the media spaces of the TV advertising agencies and find the rates. Here are some links that might help you:

  • The rate grid on TF1 :
  • The price list on M6 Publicité :
  • The price list on France Télévision :

Otherwise, you can also make a request for a customized campaign, our team will accompany you in the launch of your TV advertising campaign

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