How to track the performance of a TV ad?

Television is the medium that covers a large audience and allows for maximum awareness. It is one of the most powerful advertising channels for communicating about your company.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people watch television every day? This gives a lot of exposure time for commercials.

Broadcasting your advertising campaign on TV has a cost. It is a real investment for companies. This is why it is essential to monitor the performance of a TV ad to understand its impact and measure its effectiveness.

Why advertise on television?

Television is a medium that allows to reach a very large audience with a repeated advertising message adapted to a target. TV is considered as one of the most credible media with 46% of French people preferring TV for national and international news. On average, the amount of time spent watching TV per day and per individual is 3h58.

A TV spot is complete in terms of effects: special effects, sound effects, creativity must be put forward to mark its audience and fulfil the notoriety, brand or drive to web objectives set.

By broadcasting an advertising campaign on television, a company can ensure high visibility among an audience targeted according to social demographic criteria and more recently according to their geographical location with segmented TV.

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What are the objectives of TV advertising?

Never forget to define your communication objective:

  • Be more visible for more awareness
  • Acquire new customers
  • Generate traffic on your website or in your physical outlet
  • Always wanting to improve your brand image

How to measure the performance of a TV campaign?

After broadcasting your commercial, it is essential to measure its effectiveness and optimise it if necessary. The expected results of a TV campaign can be monitored by different KPIs (performance indicators) such as:

  • increased sales,
  • increase in visitors to your website (drive to web),
  • increased conversion rate
  • increase in the engagement rate,
  • direct traffic to the website
  • increase in the number of subscribers on social platforms
  • etc.

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The advertising pressure indicator: the GRP

The GRP (Gross Rating Point) is an advertising pressure indicator corresponding to the average number of advertising contacts obtained out of 100 people in the target audience. Do you want to know if your campaign is effective? Calculate your GRP.

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Tools for monitoring TV performance

TV performance can also be monitored by platforms such as Realytics or Admo. 

The Realytics platform helps its clients to optimise their media plans and TV campaigns. In this way, they have a better understanding of the audience that will be exposed to TV. As we mentioned drive to web, Realytics also has a buying tool called Adkymia. This tool builds media plans based on drive to web performance.

With Admo, it is possible to measure and amplify the impact of your TV spots. The tool allows you to follow in real time each TV broadcast on the market. It can also build your media plan, your audiovisual context, the amount of your investments, etc. Admo tracks your online visits and conversions, geolocation and the socio-demographic profile of TV viewers.

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