What is the difference between traditional TV advertising and TV sponsorship?

There are different types of TV advertising such as traditional TV advertising and TV sponsorship. But what are the differences?

Key figures for TV in 2021* :

  • 3h58: average time French people watch TV
  • 4h47: daily time spent watching TV (in 2020)
  • 25 million viewers watch TV at 9:27 pm (Pic Minute)
  • 60,809: number of active advertisers (in 2020)

TV advertising: the success rate

  • 84%: effective TV campaigns from the first levels of TV contact

Defining classic TV advertising

The duration of a spot can be between 10 and 30 seconds: an ideal format for conveying a message, promoting an offer or generating traffic on a website.

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The advantages of a classic advertising campaign

Here are the many advantages of TV advertising:

  • A good selectivity of the audience
  • A long life of the message
  • Gain credibility and prestige
  • Quality of reproduction
  • High coverage on target

Several examples of a classic TV ad

Babybel x Marvel

For the start of the 2021 school year, Babybel and Marvel have common values such as courage and positivism. The two brands are joining forces for "Back to School Heroes". 

The collaboration between Babybel and Marvel can be found on Babybel packaging with 12 original superhero designs to collect. This TV sport takes us back to the world of superheroes with a prize: a competition in which 100% of the participants win a Marvel backpack.

Burger King

In June 2021, Burger King is happy to welcome back its customers for the reopening of the restaurants. Even the most "reluctant": the indecisive, the fickle, the thrifty, the clumsy, the free-riders...

The fast-food company relied on its humour for this commercial. Consumers love the offbeat tone of this Burger King advertising. A good idea for your next TV commercial!

What is TV sponsorship?

TV sponsorship is when a sponsor is associated with a TV programme. The duration of a spot can be between 6 and 12 seconds. This is the ideal format to quickly develop your company's reputation. The sponsor brand is present in the sponsorship credits (otherwise known as billboards) which are broadcast at the beginning and end of the programme.

TV sponsorship billboards are short graphic and sound animations that present the sponsor of a TV programme. There are two forms of TV billboards. The first takes the form of the sponsor's logo or name which is inserted at the beginning or end of the programme. The second takes the form of a small spot that is shown off-screen just before and after the programme is broadcast.

The advantages of TV sponsorship

  • Communication method in vogue with advertisers
  • Highlighting of the advertiser's name, which allows for quick and effective recall

How do I sponsor a TV show?

Do you want to sponsor a TV show? On our platform, it is possible to apply for sponsorship for a TV programme. Following this request, you will obtain information on the advertising conditions and a price estimate. 

>>> Request a quote for the sponsorship of a TV show

Examples of TV sponsorship

The Voice and Bien Ici

The Bien Ici brand offers an effective 7-second billboard before the broadcast of The Voice.

Top Chef and EntreMont

For the new season of Top Chef, the EntreMont and Top Chef brands have joined forces. An effective and intelligent sponsorship between two culinary collaborators.

The cheese brand has a TV spot with a play on the word "EntreMont, c'est autrement bon! A clever idea that helps to memorise the brand name.

How do you choose between these two types of ads?

We have compiled a short summary of the advantages of these two types of advertising:

Classic TV advertisingTV sponsorship
  • Reaching a wide audience
  • Credibility and prestige
  • High coverage on target
  • Popular communication method for advertisers
  • Fast and effective recall
  • Visibility and awareness

And why not both?

TV sponsorship can be used either in combination with a classic space device or independently. A campaign combining sponsorship and traditional advertising devotes a slightly higher budget to sponsorship (+15%) than to an advertising campaign using sponsorship alone.

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*Sources : ledauphine.com – snptv.org

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