7 advertising devices for effective local communication

Quality advertising! Local advertising refers to all marketing actions aimed at reaching a local target. The price of local communication can vary according to the formats, the devices and the duration of the campaign. Radio, billboards, press, advertising bicycles... here are the different ways to communicate locally.

Summary of the 7 advertising devices for local communication :

How local radio advertising works

Traders, business owners, advertisers, franchisees and others: it is possible to advertise on the radio only in a region or city. There are radio advertising spaces that allow you to broadcast a campaign in the catchment area of a company. This medium is ideal for communicating about the opening of a shop, a promotion, an event or for building awareness in the catchment area.

Here are extracts from advertisements on the local radio RFM Poitiers:

Why choose to advertise on local radio?

The assets that prove the effectiveness of radio advertising:

  • 8 out of 10 French people listen to it
  • 43 million people listen to it every day
  • 2nd most used media in France
  • All age groups are reached
  • A medium of proximity

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The effectiveness of local advertising

In France, there are several ways of doing billboard advertising. First of all, it is possible to choose to do a long term poster campaign. In this case, the advertiser will choose a billboard with a specific location that can last from several months to several years. This type of billboard is ideal for orienting and signalling the access to a sign, for example.

affichage publicitaire

Secondly, there is also temporary billboarding, with which it is possible to communicate over a period of one to several weeks and on a network of multi-sided advertising panels. These networks are highly localised and can be used to promote a brand, generate in-store traffic or announce the launch of a product.

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Here are the different formats of advertising displays:

  • 2m2: advertising panels found in the city centre on bus shelters, for example
  • 4m2: billboard visible both in the city centre and on the outskirts
  • 8m2: billboards found on the main roads at the entrance and exit of towns
  • The 12m2 : panel found on major roads and near ZACs

>>> More details on the different formats of advertising displays.

What is a bread bag?

For local or even very local advertising, the advertising bread bag is an original way of making an impression. As a local medium, consumers see the advert every day. Indeed, this media is present in the daily life of the French: on the table while eating, on a piece of furniture of the dining room, all the inhabitants of the household can thus see it. This makes the device powerful.

In July 2021, the Frichti brand launched its advertising campaign to communicate on its "fresh, fast & fabulous" shopping delivery service.  The brand's objective was to make an original advertising campaign that would reach a very local target at mealtime. They came up with the idea of using bread bags as a means of communication, as this device matched the brand's objectives in every way. Good idea, isn't it?

Some figures on the advertising bread bag

  • 450: average number of customers per day in a bakery
  • 77% of people who received a bread bag spontaneously mentioned the brand that was communicating
  • 4 times: a person who has received a bread bag is exposed to the advertising message 4 times

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Disseminate in the local press

The press medium offers credibility and a high penetration rate. Readers look at newspaper and magazine advertising because it is an integral part of the medium and is not intrusive. Newspaper publications can quickly reach almost the entire population, whether at national, regional or local level. The diversity of titles allows for geographic, socio-demographic or consumer interest targeting.

Press advertising: informative and credible

  • Advertising in the press is considered informative by 43.4%.
  • The professional press is perceived as more credible by 30.1%.

Several formats are possible

Advertising inserts Special formats

  • The double page
  • Full page (1/1)
  • ½ height - or width
  • 1/3 height - width
  • 1/4 height - width
  • 1/8 height - width

  • The additional insert booklet
  • The front cover rider
  • The multi-page insert

Example of a local press advertisement

Since 10 February 2021, newspapers such as Le Parisien and 20 Minutes have published the Uber campaign. The advertising campaign aimed to give a small boost to vaccination in France with 20,000 rides offered to take vulnerable people to get vaccinated.

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How does segmented television work?

Segmented TV is a new type of advertising authorised by decree by the government in 2020. Segmented ads aim to target prospects based on geographic location and/or interests. It is a new way to communicate locally while benefiting from the power of TV.

Geographical location is achieved through TV transmitters, so all households with DTT or ADSL are subject to segmented advertising.

Some figures on location-based television

  • 40 campaigns broadcast since February 2021
  • 85% of advertisers find segmented advertising interesting
  • 90% favourable opinion of segmented TV

A great advertising opportunity!

>>> Learn more about segmented TV

The advertising bike

The advertising bike is an excellent way to reach a pedestrian target. It offers 10 to 20 times more visibility than a traditional billboard due to its mobility. The bicycle, without emitting CO2, is more environmentally friendly for advertising campaigns. This local communication allows to increase the visibility and the notoriety of a brand while creating mini-events around an original device.

Examples of bicycle marketing formats

  • The XXL format 4m2 per side: Height 179cm x 228cm :

  • The XL format 2m2 per side: Height 179 cm x Width 119 cm :

Advertising located by Fitcar

The Fitcar company has opted for innovation. Indeed, this offbeat design attracts the attention of a localized target.

Local social networks

Geolocalised digital advertising can be carried out on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin... Thanks to these digital tools, companies can easily interact with their local customers.

Local advertising campaigns on social networks are easy to set up and allow to reach users on a precise geographical area but also according to socio-demographic data and interests.

Targeting can be refined if the advertiser has installed a Facebook pixel on its website. It will then be possible to target, in addition to people who have visited the site, those who have added to the basket as well.

A brand can reach a specific audience or location. It should be noted that advertising on the networks is less expensive and allows for more flexibility: the campaign can be stopped at any time.

>>> 5 tips to know about Facebook and Instagram ads.

Example: Facebook

Facebook is inevitable: 33 million daily users in France, including 1 million VSEs/SMEs.

Every company knows the social network Facebook, it is now indispensable for sharing advertising campaigns. Brands can no longer simply publish on Facebook, especially those who are new to the market. It is possible to create optimised Facebook ads that are targeted to the right audience. Indeed, optimised ads make it possible to spend a budget wisely.

The "local awareness" feature is now available for targeted ad campaigns.

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