How to prepare your OOH (Out of Door) ad campaign from A to Z

How to prepare your OOH (Out of Door) ad campaign from A to Z

An Out of Door ad campaign requires many preparations in order to optimize your results according to your marketing objectives. This article provides advice and tips to find, analyze, select, set up and monitor your future OOH campaign in France.

Here it is a summary of the steps to prepare your ooh ad campaign from A to Z:

  1. OOH network researches
  2. OOH networks analysis and selection
  3. OOH advertising campaign set up

OOH network researches

How to find OOH ad companies in a specific area in France?

The main OOH ad agencies in France: at a local, regional or national scale, some agencies are key actors and are most likely to have networks in your zone.

JC Decaux: usually owns 2m² networks (panels and bus shelters) in medium and big size cities in France (no longer owns Paris 2m² network, since 2019).

Clear Channel:  usually owns 12m² (400x300cm) networks and 8m² (320x240cm) and has recently acquired 2m² networks in Paris.

Exterion: usually owns 12m² and 8m² networks in the main cities of France.

Mediatransports: this agency owns most OOH networks related to public transports in France. It is divided into 2 parts:

  • Metrobus for the bus, metros and trams
  • Mediagares for the train stations

Cadres Blancs: regional agency for the North-West of France.  

Google it: these key actors can own networks in your communication area, however, there are also local agencies that might provide better networks according to your needs (budget, posters locations, sizes, etc.).

Therefore, you can find such companies by googling the following French keywords:

  • Affichage temporaire + [City, Department or Region name]
  • Affichage publicitaire + [City, Department or Region name]
  • Panneaux publicitaires + [City, Department or Region name]

1) Find the network(s)

2) Request a quote (answer within 24h!)

3) Adintime negotiates for you! (in addition, you will get a 15% professional discount thanks to our media agency standing)

4) Adintime helps you making the contract.

OOH networks analysis and selection

After your researches, you will probably have various OOH suggestions, therefore, it is necessary to opt for the most adapted one according to your objectives and resources.

Here are below the key factors for your decision making:

  • Posters sizes of the network (poster = panel). If you want to know more about the existing poster sizes in France, I encourage you to read one of our articles: click here.

Here are some advices to pick the most fitting format (non-exhaustive list):

o   12m²: targets drivers on main roads surrounding cities. Usually used for informing about the presence of a store nearby.

o   2m²: targets pedestrians in the city center

o   8m²: targets drivers on the roads and pedestrians near the city center. It is a mix of 12m² and 2m² posters.

o   On bus: targets the general public frequently using transports, usually in several towns.

o   In the subway and trams: targets the general public frequently using transports in the city-center.

  • The number of posters in the network

Agencies have different levels of flexibility to modify the networks according to your needs:

o   No flexibility: offers can’t change, you can neither add nor remove posters from the network.

o   Low flexibility: you can get sub-offers that divide the basic network by 2 or 4.

o   High flexibility: you can create your own network depending on the available posters. 

  • OTS (Opportunity To See): Number of generated eye-contacts by an advertising network over a given period (usually 7days). This indicator determines the power of a network.

The number of posters, their formats and the area are the main factors that determine the network’s rate. Therefore, your ultimate decision will be based on the format according to your targets, the poster's locations, and the rate to finally decide. 

If you want to have a wide range of available networks, make your researches in advance otherwise, all of them could already be booked. In general, it is recommended to prepare your OOH ad campaign 2 months before. However, this advance varies depending on your communication area or the time of the year. The holidays (Christmas), feasts (St Valentine) and the school start (beginning of September) are highly valued and involve a lot of anticipation, especially in main cities (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, etc.).

OOH advertising campaign set up

If you don’t use Adintime’s services (which negotiate ooh ad rates), here are some advises to negotiate and prepare your future campaign:

Media Negotiation

To learn more about the general knowledge of media negotiation, I encourage you to read our article dedicated to it.

Regarding the Out of Door, the discounts from the gross rate to the net rate vary depending on the company you are dealing with. For instance, a well-known OOH company to the French has discounts between 5% and 15% while an American OOH company leaders are from 60% to 85%. Nonetheless, the final rates usually are in the same range, but it may change considering purchase volumes, campaign period, posters format, area/city, network size, etc. If you do not ask for media agency services or Adintime, you will certainly get higher rates than us because you won’t get the 15% professional discount.

Here are the common range of rates in cost/poster:

  • 2m²: 40 – 80€
  • 8m²: 60 – 100€
  • 12m²: 40 – 80€
  • Bus left flank: 50 – 90€
  • Bus right flank: 25 – 55€
  • Bus back: 55 - 90€

Besides the network cost, other fees would be added to your bill such as municipality taxes, material delivery, maintenance and printing costs.

Posters printing

About printing, OOH ad agencies always have partnerships with printer companies and can send you a printing quote in accordance with your OOH network.

Key players such as Clear Channel and JC Decaux will get you very low printing costs in comparison with regular rates, but nothing stops you from comparing it with another printer and refusing the OOH agency proposal.

However, it is recommended to let the ad agency manage the printing of the posters because it will make your work much easier, not carrying about delivery deadlines and other technical specificities.

Campaign follow-up

During your campaign, feel free to ask for documentary proofs as a photo report to your OOH ad agency (local salespersons usually can take pictures of some posters).

If you have any questions or need advices for your future media campaign, feel free to get in contact with us on the Adintime's chat, we will reply as soon as possible.

See you soon!

Written by Yann Roger

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