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How much does a poster in the metro cost?

Poster advertising prices vary according to the volume of posters, the seasonality and the duration of the campaign.

However, for example, for a poster campaign on a network of 100 faces in the Paris metro over 7 days, the gross rate is approximately €13,000 excluding tax.

It is also possible to find poster rates in the Paris metro starting at €1,740 excluding VAT, excluding poster printing.

To obtain the prices of an advertisement in the subway, make a request for a quote on our platform. You will get precise information on rates and specificities according to your expectations and objectives.

What are the advertising formats for ads in the French subway?

At the metro level, we generally find the following advertising formats:

  • 200×150 cm
  • 100×150 cm
  • 400×150 cm
  • 222×61 cm
  • 2 m²
  • 8 m² or 12 m² for advertising on subway platforms

Advertising space in the metro dedicated to culture 

Advertising in the metro allows you to broadcast your cultural communications in advertising spaces dedicated to culture. 

This is particularly the case in Paris metro stations with the RATP "Coup de Théâtre" advertising posters: made up of 12 m² advertising spaces at the level of the metro platforms, this device allows you to present forty small posters promoting plays performed in Paris on a single site.

The billboards in the Paris metro allow you to highlight other cultural events, such as shows or exhibitions, thanks to the "Paris Culture" and "Paris Spectacle" networks.

The RATP cultural billboards are placed in the corridors and on the platforms of the metro near theaters, theaters and cultural events, to allow you to reach your target.

Posters on the subway ramps

Subway stair railings are 222×61 cm and are perfect to reinforce your communication strategy especially if you have a small budget.

Advertising posters in the corridors

As far as advertising posters in the subway corridors are concerned, their format (200×150 cm) as well as their location (place of transit of the passengers) ensures you an excellent visibility with your target.

Posters at the entrances to the subways

The RATP advertising posters displayed at the entrance of the stations are generally in the 130×100 cm format. They have a huge advantage: they allow to reach both metro users and pedestrians who are just passing in front of the stations.

Advertising on the subway platforms

Metro platform advertising posters, generally available in 12 m² format, offer the best visibility for your communications. This media support is considered an authority and leadership device, which allows you to give consumers confidence in your brand. It is the subway poster that provides the best visibility, which makes it the most expensive format.

How does the display work in the metro?

When an advertiser decides to make a poster campaign in the subway, it will reserve poster networks. We speak then about the number of faces: Campaign of posting 100 faces, 125 faces, 250 faces...

The campaigns are generally done on a minimum period of 7 days.

What are the cities in which to advertise in the subway?

It is possible to advertise in the metro networks of the major French cities that have this means of transport, such as Paris, Toulouse, Rennes or Marseille.

Thanks to the metro advertising in the big cities, you can reach the inhabitants of these cities as well as those of their suburbs