OOH (Out Of Home): Formats and Rates

What is the OOH?

It is the most popular type of outdoor campaign. Indeed, it is a short-term campaign with a powerful impact, generally displayed over one or several weeks, with tens, hundreds or even thousands of billboards, depending on the network.

Ad agencies rates are made on a week basis.

What is it for?

For Stores, this kind of campaign gives the opportunity to promote some events and promotions according to the period of the year (Father’s & Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.).

The OOH can also be used to raise your brand/product/service’s notoriety with a specific objective such as increasing in-store or website traffic after launching a new product or opening a new shop. 

OOH rates and formats

As an example, here are three popular billboard formats with their strengths:

  •   12m²: on the main roads around the city and the suburbs, targeting motorists.
  •   2m²: in the heart of the city, as a traditional billboard or in the bus shelters, targeting pedestrians and people taking public transports.
  •   8m²:  hybrid format between 2m² and 12m² on the main roads near the city center, targeting motorists and pedestrians.

Find below some examples of billboards formats with their dimensions:

 OOH billboards formats

What are the OOH networks rates in France?

Find below some examples of price ranges (cost/poster) for media agencies.

Rates can vary from: purchase volume, campaign period, format, city/area, network size, etc. Some rates can be out of ranges if you buy one of these later.

  • 2m²: 40 – 80€
  • 8m²: 60 – 100€
  • 12m²: 40 – 80€
  • Bus left flank: 50 – 90€
  • Bus right flank: 25 – 55€
  • Bus back: 55 - 90€

Pssst: If you need to advertise through OOH, ask for a quote with Adintime, we will help you negotiating the rates and, in addition, you will get a 15% discount (professional discount) due to our media agency standing.

What is the Long-term OOH?

A long-term OOH is a billboard, generally rented over several months, half a year or a year, in order to promote a local store.

What is it for?

This media is essential to communicate at a local scale for stores in the area. Beyond the notoriety it generates through repetitions, long-term OOH are a very efficient way to drive traffic to your shop. The objective is to highlight your existence within your catchment area.

Feel free to ask for a quote with Adintime’s platform, it’s free and you will get an answer within 24h ! If the city/area you wish to communicate in is not available, contact us, we will manage to add it. 

Written by Yann Roger

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