How to measure the effectiveness of an outdoor advertising campaign?

Outdoor advertising refers to all forms of "non-media" advertising in public spaces. These public spaces include roads, bus shelters, train stations, sports venues such as football stadiums, etc.

Outdoor advertising has many advantages:

  • Increase its visibility (panel displayed 24 hours a day)
  • Communicate locally (precise geographical area, catchment area)
  • To increase your notoriety
  • Attract consumers' attention to your business
  • Increase your traffic
  • Differentiate yourself from your online competitors
  • Strengthen your visual identity

Several outdoor billboards exist: rural billboards, transport billboards (the back/side of a bus or train), street furniture (bus shelters) and mobile billboards (taxis and cars).

Our guidelines for measuring the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising campaign:

  • How to measure the effectiveness of a poster campaign?
  • Some examples of poster campaigns
  • Analysing advertising data via Google Analytics

How to measure the effectiveness of a poster campaign?

Some figures on poster campaigns

First of all, we present you with some figures* to understand the importance of an outdoor advertising campaign:

  • 79%: number of urban dwellers who notice outdoor advertising
  • 40,000: average number of daily contacts generated by an outdoor billboard

*Sources : lsa-conso.f

How to measure the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising campaign?

It is important to know that OOH is one of the most easily measured of all media.

There are various measurement tools that can be used to obtain data on the effectiveness of your OOH campaigns. And today, many billboards are equipped with technology that allows them to calculate their audience. Each billboard is categorised according to a number of characteristics (size, location, etc.) that allow you to determine the reach of each billboard.

Identifying the movements of individuals

Identifying people's movements is an important step: understanding where, when and how people move around the city. Outdoor communication measurement systems incorporate a detailed survey of people's movements in order to accurately identify consumers' mobility patterns. These surveys involve recording participants' movements via their smartphones. These devices provide information on the routes taken by travellers down to the details of the floors of the buildings they visit.

Identification of trips by vehicle

Transport information can be obtained from GPS systems, real-time sensors on outdoor displays and satellite imagery.

Mapping of billboards

There are different types of billboards: size or more visible locations. Each billboard is classified according to physical characteristics, such as its size, height above the ground, angle to the road and lighting. Each billboard is geo-located and placed on the map where the data is recorded. Based on the results, the choice of the outdoor billboard is easier.

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Visibility Adjusted Contacts (VAC)

It is now important to know whether people have actually looked at your poster campaign. New technologies in outdoor communication include systems that track eye movements. These technologies can determine how people view their surroundings. Using this data, billboards and audience behaviour can be classified. These measurement systems can convert the number of viewable impressions (OTC) into actual viewed impressions (VAC).

Some examples of poster campaigns

The Trauma series, 13ème Rue and BETC Paris

For the release of the series Trauma, which features a heroine trapped underground, 13ère Rue and BETC Paris launched a digital poster campaign called "The Underground Première", which takes underground users to the beginning of the first episode. The number of minutes revealed refers to the depth of the metro station.

Successful outdoor displays by Acadomia

Acadomia wins an award for this campaign, which was praised by the GPCE jury. An advertisement recognised for the quality of its writing and art direction, but also for school support that becomes "cool".

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Analyse advertising data via Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to monitor the activity of a website and its qualitative performance. It represents more than 80% of the world market in terms of website audience analysis tools.

So once people have seen your outdoor campaign, they can go to your website. This is when the Google Analytics tool is essential.

Google Analytics allows you to do several things:

  • View popular pages, keywords and exit pages
  • Know the most searched queries
  • Know the conversion rate
  • Overview of the loading speed of pages or the overall site

Some tips to better monitor a poster campaign

Generate traffic to your website:

  • Create a QR Code that directs to your platform
  • Create a URL specific to your advertising campaign (which allows you to know who has visited your site via your ad)

Generate traffic on your social platforms:

  • Create a hashtag to measure its impact

Measure the awareness of your company or your advertising campaign:

  • Conducting qualitative research on a sample of people (questionnaire)

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