What are out-of-home advertising agencies?

Summary: What are the advertising agencies in display? 

  1. What is an Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising network?
  2. Why choose outdoor advertising?
  3. Who are the OOH advertising agencies?

What is an out-of-home advertising network?

An outdoor advertising company (OOH) is a company that markets advertising space and campaigns in the form of posters. This traditional medium is evolving year after year, and is expected to grow by 12.8% in 2022 according to MAGNA (the world's leading media investment and intelligence company).

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More specifically, OOH (Out-Of-Home) is a proximity advertising medium ideal for reaching a large audience. The term refers to all advertising that a consumer may encounter outside the home. It can be billboards printed on building facades or posters found on bus shelters for example. In summary, billboards are sold in the following formats

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Why choose outdoor advertising?

The poster format is a perfect media for local promotion. But it is not limited to this function. There are a number of large companies that use OOH for national advertising campaigns.

To carry out a billboard campaign, nothing could be simpler, create the visuals adapted to the format of the chosen billboard(s). Then allow about three weeks to set up the campaign between printing and drying the posters.

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Who are the OOH advertising agencies ?

In France, there are a number of leading advertising agencies in the field of billboard advertising. If you wish to carry out a campaign on a local, regional or even national scale, these agencies certainly have the right network for your campaign. Here is a non-exhaustive table of OOH agencies in France.

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Classical agenciesSpecialize agencies

JC Deceaux

Generally owns the 2m² networks (bus shelter and lollipop panels) in large and medium-sized cities in France (JC Decaux no longer owns the Paris network as of 2019.) However, it does own a network in airports.


Offers a network in medium-sized cities, on the coast for local display in order to build a tailored selection of locations for its advertisers. Preciseand assured geotargeting and/or a specific catchment area.

Clear Channel

Owns the main 12 m² (or 400x300cm) and 8 m² (or 320x240cm) format billboard networks and is the new billboard operator for the city of Paris with a majority of 2 m². Clear Channel is present on almost the entire French territory and also has many bus formats.

Cadres Blancs

Has different networks in the Great North/Northwest regions of France. A network mainly in 12 m2 and also some 8 m2.

Giraudy (formerly Exterion Média)

Generally owns the 12 sqm (or 400x300cm) and 8 sqm (or 320x240cm) networks in the major cities of France. Proposes accessible offers.


The company owns the majority of the transport-related billboard networks in France. It is composed of two branches:

  • Metrobus for bus, metro and tramway advertising
  • Mediagares for station displays (in stations and on platforms)

Impact publicité

Specialized advertising company that offers advertising services only in the south-central part of France. This agency offers different types of advertising such as large formats, flocking, covering, 3D scanner, etc.

Pisoni Publicité

Advertising agency specialized in local advertising in the South-East. Pisoni offers display on urban furniture, digital display and OOH.

Affiction Publicité

Advertising agency specialized in local billboards in the South West of France.

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