Women's magazines cover a wide range of topics that concern women aged 25 to 60 on average. Several sections such as news, fashion, beauty, cooking and health are covered. Readers are inspired by these magazines to reinvent their daily lives. At Adintime, we offer you negotiated rates for advertising in the women's press.







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Advertising in the women's press: what you need to know

A little history

The origins of the women's press go back to the women's emancipation movement. In France, as early as the 18th century, publications appeared as women began to play a more visible social role: Le Journal des dames (1759-1788), Les Annales de l'Éducation et du Sexe (1790).

What topics are covered in women's magazines?

With each issue, the experts of the women's world take you on a journey with their pen through:

  • Articles on national and international news in the field of fashion, trends, consumption, new technologies, starlets and decoration
  • Practical guides for all your purchases
  • Advice and tips on well-being, beauty, decoration, clothing and all areas concerning women
  • Poignant testimonials, inspiring portraits and exclusive interviews
  • Good deals and promo codes to get the best prices on your favourite items
  • Recipes and tips on how to cook healthy and balanced meals for your family
  • Games, leisure activities and advice on how to relax and have fun

Some examples of women's magazines

The women's magazine BIBA

This ultra-feminine magazine is a source of inspiration for all thirty-somethings on the lookout for trends and style. Biba reflects the strength and pride of its readers. Several themes are covered such as fashion, beauty, culture, travel ...

It is possible to request a quote for advertising in this women's magazine.

An advertisement in the women's magazine Pleine Vie

Pleine Vie is an inquisitive, topical and committed women's magazine aimed at a generation that is pioneering in the way it approaches each new stage of its life and wants to remain young and active in society.

Request a quote for information on advertising in Pleine Vie magazine.

The women's magazine Marie France

Marie France is one of the most comprehensive monthly women's magazines. It covers several major themes: beauty, fashion, psychology, health, decoration, cooking, culture, travel and many others.

Advertising in the women's press Marie France.