The trade press is the media dedicated to professional advertisers for a predefined sector of activity. A medium rich in quality information, the trade press is accurate, committed and highly valued by readers.






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Why advertise in a trade magazine?

France is THE country of the trade press and enjoys a very good image among its readers. In fact, 92% of readers say they have a good opinion of the trade press, and these same readers express their need to follow the news in their sector.

A local media with a precise targeting, the specialized press can also be coupled with the digital format of the chosen media.

>>> Why advertise in the trade press?

It is noted that 97% of the population reads the press each month, regardless of the medium.

Source : ACPM

The trade press stands out for its original and committed actions. Several initiatives were rewarded by the 2016 Trade Press Awards. One of them was the partnership between La France Agricole magazine and the AstraZeneca pharmaceutical laboratories to carry out a diabetes screening operation among its 85,000 subscribers. This was a great initiative for farmers, who represent a population that is very affected by this disease. This association was beneficial for both farmers and pharmaceutical laboratories in knowing more about farmers' behaviour.

A significant conversion rate

The trade press has a high conversion rate:

  • 30% of respondents say they keep all the titles they own
  • 50% say they keep some of them. This habit therefore generates a high rate of takeover of the trade press.

A good conversion rate is around 10%. An appearance in the trade press allows a company to make itself known and to encourage readers to visit the company's website. The trade press thus enables a company to improve its reputation and its professional discourse.


At Adintime, we offer you negotiated rates for advertising in a professional press.