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What are the different formats of advertising inserts in the PQR in Île de France?

There are many different advertising formats in the press, with rates varying according to the insert. For any format, the distribution of an advertisement in the press and in the PQR will enable you to achieve 3 objectives: provide information about your company, generate contacts and increase the visibility of your brand.

Press advertising inserts: the different formats

First of all, we list all the PQR advertising formats in Île de France.

The classic formats:

  • Double page: the largest format in the press, allowing real visibility with substantial content
  • Full page: a large space for expression and high visibility with readers
  • Half-page: an eye-catching format, ideal for promoting a product
  • 1/3 height or width: an ideal format for offering a company's services
  • Quarter page: a flexible format with high visibility
  • Eighth page: ideal for conveying a short and effective message

Press advertising rates by format

For the press, when we talk about rates, we often talk about the location, the particularity of the magazine or the format on which you want to communicate.

We explain:

Rates for local press:

  • The eighth page: between 500€ HT and 2 800€ HT
  • Quarter page: between 700€ HT and 3 000€ HT
  • Half page: between 800€ HT and 3 100€ HT
  • Full page: between 1 000€ HT and 3 500€ HT

Digital press rates: prices are calculated according to CPM (Cost Per Thousand Views)

  • Wrapping or Wide Angle: CPM of approximately 20-35€ HT
  • IAB format (banner or block) : CPM of 12€ HT