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What is DOOH advertising? 

DOOH is an acronym for Digital Out-Of-Home. It refers to display advertising on LED screens. This dynamic advertising format can be found both indoors and outdoors.

  • outdoor advertising screens: city centers, storefronts
  • indoor advertising screens: train stations, airports, shopping malls, gyms...

DOOH advertising displays allow for multiple ads to be shown on the same ad space, in what is called a display loop. A display loop lasts 1 minute to 1.20 minutes and is composed of approximately 6 ads of 5, 6 or 10 seconds.


How to advertise on an outdoor advertising screen?

The DOOH advertising panels installed throughout France are generally 2 m² in size. There are DOOH panels called XXL like the Darty République window advertising screen with a surface area of 28 m² or the Citadium Caumartin which measures 41 m².

The DOOH format is a very flexible advertising device, which allows you to launch a 100% customizable marketing action. Indeed, it is possible to adapt its digital display campaign according to: 

  • its budget ;
  • the number of display screens;
  • the number of logs: number of times your ad is broadcasted;
  • the duration of the campaign: contrary to a classic poster campaign (OOH) whose duration is fixed (7 or 14 days in general), it is possible, with advertising screens, to determine the period of diffusion of your digital poster;
  • the broadcasting hours
  • the ODV (opportunity to see): the number of opportunities your target has to see your ad;
  • the location: DOOH allows you to deploy a marketing action on a local scale (a neighborhood and its surroundings, a city, a region...) as well as on a national scale.

This important adaptability of DOOH advertising makes it an increasingly popular medium for advertisers: 

  • 1.5 billion certified spots aired in France in 2022, 7% more than in 2021;
  • for 1,294 campaigns, an 11% increase over the previous year*.

Another reason for this success lies in the effectiveness of DOOH advertising in convincing consumers, especially during the summer period: 64% of individuals find DOOH to be a "real escape medium" that allows them to better project themselves in the use of a product or service. And this figure rises to 77% when looking at 18-34 year olds**.


Sources : 

*ACPM : Les tendances du marché de l'affichage digital en 2022 

**Etude Clear Channel / iligo réalisée en février 2023


How much does it cost to advertise on LED advertising screens?

As you may have understood, the price of a campaign on LED advertising screens varies according to the different factors mentioned above: launching a campaign on a national scale will cost you more than a DOOH ad in a Parisian neighborhood. The price even varies according to the different districts. Indeed, broadcasting your spot on 10 DOOH screens during 7 days will cost you :

  • nearly €3,000 excl. tax at the Forum des Halles ;
  • €2,500 excl. tax at the Gare Montparnasse.

Why such a price difference? Well, it's due to the traffic of these places: the Forum des Halles in Paris has more traffic.

The same thing can be seen in other cities, in Metz, for example, a 6-day DOOH campaign on 10 screens will cost you: 

  • €2,000 excl. tax in the Muse shopping center
  • €1,500 excl. tax in the Saint-Jacques shopping center

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to set up an excellent DOOH campaign for a cost of less than €2,000 excl. tax.

The above prices are given as an indication and do not include the set-up costs of approximately €600 excl. tax.


How to reserve a DOOH advertising device?

In order to book a DOOH advertising device, it is necessary to draw up a campaign brief that includes all the information that will enable the advertising agencies to provide the screens that will meet your marketing objectives.

By using the Adintime platform, you don't need to contact different advertising agencies, our media experts will take care of your campaign from A to Z. 

You benefit from personalized support in the development of a localized media plan that makes the most of your campaign budget: we negotiate the rates with the advertising agencies for you. 

Need a visual for your DOOH campaign? Just ask: we can help you create your digital poster. We can also take care of the implementation of your advertisement and the elaboration of your campaign report.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to request a quote.