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- Affichage 2M² B : Granville (35 faces)

Out Of Home

Billboard Advertising - - Affichage 2M² B : Granville (35 faces)

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Introduction to the OOH network - Affichage 2M² B : Granville (35 faces)

Cadres Blancs is a French local multi-format OOH network, made up of more than 9,000 faces spread across more than 90 cities and agglomerations in the great North West of France. Out Of Home (OOH) is a key media for anchoring your brand locally, increase your brand awareness or drive trafic in your stores. French people travel 3.5 times a day and more than a third of these trips involve journeys between home and work. The Multi-City network makes Cadres Blancs the leaders in the city centre, where they are based. The street furniture is installed in the heart of urban areas and in peripheral zones; a network of excellence where the heart of the city beats. The network proposed here for Granville is a Multi-City network.

France, Granville, Manche
Men, Children, Women
Out Of Home

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