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Mag' in France is the first magazine consumerist intended for an assistantship more and more concerned with the origin of its purchases. We wish to bring to him not only of the good Made addresses in France, but also to tell tall him tales… Behind a product, there are always men and women who have a know-how, which believes in their product and which does not hesitate to be invested to hustle the generally accepted ideas. Because to buy French is the business of all, Mag' in France is the relay between the consumer and you.

Production, Direction and general Administration, Craftsman
Entrepreneur and Managers, Made in France, Startups
25-34, 50-64, 35-49
Women, Men
Social class
Upper middle class, AB+
Reader's interests
Shopping, Women, Videogames, Men, Beauty, Culture, Industry, Home design & Decoration, Fashion, News
B2C, B2B

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