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I. Presentation of Terre Net magazine

What you need to know before advertising in Terre Net Magazine

The Terre-net Media group

Terre Net magazine belongs to the Terre-net media group.

The French group Terre-net media was created in 1997, it owns digital brands such as these websites,, but also has mobile applications like AgriZap or Meteus. On the print side, the group is the editor of Terre-net magazine.

A portfolio of brands provided under a professional digital agricultural press, the leading source of agricultural information in France which allows the group to be present on various media, websites, mobile, and print applications accessible at any time by the French people.


The profile of Terre Net Magazine

Terre Net is a monthly professional agricultural news magazine.

The monthly was born in 1997 in digital version only and it was only in 2010 that Terre Net Media decided to tackle the paper version for its magazine in order to support its web support. A first issue distributed in more than 103,000 copies to agricultural professionals with the value: "Resolutely different, resolutely committed"

By resolutely different, the magazine means the support it offers to the professional in the management of their farm and their future projects, by offering analysis, some advice, etc. 

And by resolutely committed, the magazine claims to promote the differences and qualities of these farmers by refusing to be bullied for media or political purposes. 

In 2018, on the occasion of its 8th anniversary for the print version, the magazine offers in its 75th issue a brand new formula to its readers, in particular by proposing 5 new sections in order to give the reader time to breathe in this amount of information.


Here are the 5 different new sections proposed in the new formula :

1. Benchmarks: A summary of articles from the Terre-net and Web-Agri site, with encrypted content and decryption articles on the world of agriculture.

2. Get ready: Thoughtful articles, but also some articles on new innovative ideas.

3. File: A section devoted each month to a subject on the exploitation of agricultural business.

4. Sharing of experience: Here you will find testimony, opinions, advice, and practical cases from all agricultural professionals.

5. Brief news: Discussions between readers, photos, news can be found in this new section.

The title is also adopting a participative magazine policy, that means the editorial content is constantly updated according to the feedback of these readers, in particular by analyzing the audience of articles on their website, by offering polls but also studies that are conducted by mail and telephone directly to these readers.


II. Performance and audience of Terre Net magazine

 Audience profile of Terre Net magazine

Terre Net magazine is the leading magazine in the French professional agricultural press with more than 80,000 farms receiving the title. Including 50,000 dynamic farms, also large farms with very large crops and polyculture of cattle farming.

VISIO MEDIAgri had made a study to measure the audience of the agricultural press on the French territory, and here are the results:

- The share of Terre-net magazine readers among the 186,294 French farms is 19%.

- The share of Terre-net magazine readers among the 106,153 French corn farmers is 20%.

- The share of Terre-net magazine readers among the 91,188 of operators with more than 100 hectares of land is 24%.

- The share of Terre-net magazine readers among the 99,417 French cattle breeders is 22%.

- The share of Terre-net magazine readers among the 152,963 French straw cereal producers is 19%.

- The share of Terre-net magazine readers among the 37,964 cattle breeders over 100 head is 27%.


Terre-net audiences

The print version of Terre Net was distributed to more than 400,000 copies in 2019, with an average of 83,000 prints per month.

The Terre net site is the first agricultural professional information site, it accumulates 750,000 visits per month, including 95,000 unique visitors per week and 85% of the readership that consults the site are during the days of the week, thanks to a regularly supplied articles by agricultural professionals. 

46% of the readership is polyculture farmers, the readership with large crops represents 38%. In addition to that, 25% of the readership has land between 101 and 105 ha and 19% has land between 51 and 100ha.

The title's social networks and their performances (seen in June 2020)

In addition to this strong presence on their website, Terre Net magazine also feeds these social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


Terre Net on social networks is more than 25,000 likes on their Facebook pages and 160,000 followers on their Twitter account. 

Example of an editorial calendar of Terre Net Magazine

March / April 2020: File - Fertilization 

May / June 2020: File - Varieties of cereals and rapeseed 

September 2020: Back to school fairs 

October 2020: Soil preparation 

November / December 2020: Corn varieties 

Terre Net magazine is the title to follow for professional agricultural news, but also to stay up to date of the latest events in the world of agriculture. Special content and files ideal for reaching farmers in France, seeking news, and advice for their farm’s management, but also staying informed on the latest political, fiscal, and regulatory changes.

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Written by Fabien Liang

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